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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Our Staff

Welcome to our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Please click on the name below to learn more about each member of our Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Alison Anderson  Headteacher 


Mrs Michelle Heather  Deputy Headteacher 


Mrs Rebecca Bliss Assistant Headteacher / SENDCo 


Mrs Heidi Triance  School Business Manager 


Miss Laura Fozzard  Head of Upper School 


Mrs Susan Tarpey  Head of Lower school 


Mrs Kate Woodward  Head of Early Years 




Mrs Kate Woodward - EYFS
Mrs Denise Heals - EYFS
Mrs Stacey Romaine - Year 1 
Miss Laura Freeman - Year 1
Miss Tyler Bennett - Year 2
Mrs Susan Tarpey - Year 2
Mr Josh Palmer - Year 3
Mrs Melanie Anderson - Year 3
Mrs Christina Farmer - Year 4 
Mrs Sonia Wall - Year 4
Mrs Liz Masters - Year 5
Miss Michelle Morgan - Year 5
Miss Laura Fozzard - Year 6
Mrs Kate Purser - Year 6

Miss Conlong - Leadership Time 
Mrs Nicola Butcher - Supporting Year 2/3

Support Teaching Staff 

Miss Lizell  Heather - Sports Coach

Mrs Denise Carter - EYFS
Miss Antonia Judge - EYFS
Miss Amber Hine - EYFS
Ms Priscilla Yan - EYFS

Ms Michele Kelly - Year 1
Ms Bianca D'Agostino - Year 1
Miss Charlotte Walton - Year 1
Miss Alison Morgan - Year 1

Mrs Rebecca Routledge - Year 2
Mrs Kerry Collins - Year 2
Mr Freddie Daniels - Year 2

Mrs Angie Mc Donnell - Year 3
Mrs Mel Gill - Year 3
Mr Freddie Daniels - Year 3

Mrs Sam Hardy - Year 4
Mrs Nicky Barry - Year 4
Miss Alison Morgan - Year 4

Mrs Melanie Lawson - Year 5
Miss Rachel Russell-Bragg - Year 5
Mrs Jane Ryder - Year 5

Mrs Yvonne Holl - Year 6
Mrs Ruth Forshaw - Year 6
Mrs Stephanie De Silva - Year 6

Mrs Michelle Dunford - Pastoral Support

Administration Staff 

Mrs Heidi Triance  School Business Manager

Ms Gill Tipping School Secretary

Mrs Julie Marsh  School Receptionist/Resources Administrator

Mr Matt Horsman  ICT Support

Catering Staff and Midday Supervisors

Mrs Michelle Bigg Kitchen Manager

Catering Staff -Mrs Donna Stewart, Mrs Jane De'ath-Stevens  

Midday Supervisors - Mrs Clare Cheung, Mrs Kerry Collins, Mrs Jane Draycott, Mrs Eileen Hartley, Mrs Karen Miles, Mrs Yvonne Holl

Site Staff 

Mr Chris Skelton Site Manager

Mrs Julie Howe, Mrs Tet Pererira, Mrs Helen Knight Cleaning Staff

Buckden Out of School Scheme (BOSS) Staff

Mrs Yvonne Holl & Mrs Denise Carter - Managers
Ms Michele Kelly - Playworker
Ms Victoria Burge - Playworker
Mrs Samantha Hardy - Playworker
Miss Hermoine Maxwell - Playworker
Miss Amber Hine - Playworker