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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Greater Potential Learners

Greater Potential Learners

At Buckden CE Primary Academy, we use the term greater potential learners to refer to pupils who demonstrate or have the potential to work at a standard well above their peers; this means they are exceeding the National Curriculum expectations for their age. This may be in one or more areas of learning.

All our children are valued for their individual strengths and special abilities, whether this is in a core curriculum subject or in any other area. All children, including greater potential learner pupils, are supported and challenged in their learning in order to make progress and reach their full potential.

Identifying Greater Potential Learners

Identifying children as greater potential learners enables us to provide effective and suitable provision. When children are identified as being high potential learners, planning of work ensures that there is the appropriate pace, rigour and challenge.

We use a variety of methods to identify our children as being greater potential learners:

  • Foundation Stage Profile
  • Teacher assessments
  • Teacher observations
  • Tests and assessments

Provision For Greater Potential Learners

We endeavour to meet the needs of high potential learners by providing access to a curriculum that will not only support the development of the whole child. We strongly recognise that engaging teaching and learning for all is the key to securing achievement for every child.

Our curriculum caters for our greater potential learners by being given a wide variety of exciting challenges and experiences, developing the ability to question, explain, communicate their thoughts and to take risks in their learning.

We support our greater potential learners by giving them opportunities for open-ended tasks, higher-order thinking challenges and extension activities. In class children work in a range of ways; ability groups, mixed ability, paired work and independent work. We use a variety of teaching styles and a range of higher-level questions to stimulate critical thinking.


In addition, pupils that demonstrate a greater ability are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities where they will take responsibility for leading school clubs in the area of the curriculum they excel in. This helps the children to consolidate their understanding and develops confidence and leadership skills.