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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 8th February

An update on our week 


whisper, dolphin, which, first, whirl

when, photo, what, bird, stir

train, jail, snail, stain, aim

hat, mop, sun, big, bed



In English this week we have started a new book all about under the sea. We have been looking at pictures form the book and using describing word to look at what we could see, hear, touch, smell or taste under the sea. We then took these ideas and wrote sentences using nouns, adjectives and verbs. 



We have been exploring fact families and looking at relationships between numbers with our bonds to 20. For example :






We have also been practising our addition and subtraction this week. 


We was looking at Babu (BQ)

We saw a video of Hinduism (HJ)

We have been making clay fish and we painted when they were dry (FC)

In RE we are learning about Hinduism and we had a little candle, then we wrote a little prayer and coloured the candle in different colours (KP)

I was proud because I got my first house point certificate (MB)

We go round our laps to get healthy (EMDP)

Some of us went to the allotment (HC)

We won the walking trophy this week (AP)

In French we are learning French colours (JW)

For our walk our score was 146 % (DDG)

Today in maths we have been doubling and looked at how this related to our times tables (ET)