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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Year 1

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  • Friday 1st March

    Published 01/03/24, by Susan Tarpey

    The children have come back after half-term with lots of enthusiasm for learning and have enjoyed rehearsing for their performance next week. A big thank you to everyone who has supplied costumes, they all look fantastic.

    Spellings will resume as normal next week.

    This week in RE the children began to look at the Easter story and re-created Palm Sunday, even making their own palm leaves! 

    In Science the children worked in teams to looking at the foods which animals eat, grouping them into Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores. 

    In French we have begun a new topic, looking at superheros. Focusing on colours.

    This week we have started our new power of reading book. This week's focus was on cities. The children have written some lovely poetry thinking about the organisation of their poem and the number of lines in a verse.

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  • Friday 16th February 2024

    Published 16/02/24, by Hannah Murkett

    Please make sure you are doing Numbots and logging all reading over half term. 

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  • Friday 9th February

    Published 09/02/24, by Hannah Murkett

    Please make sure you are logging all reading on Boomreader or paper copies of reading logs. Ensure you are spending time on Numbots. 

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  • Friday 2nd February

    Published 02/02/24, by Hannah Murkett

    Please make sure you are logging all of your reading on boom reader - if you have problems with the app please email the Year 1 email for a paper copy.

    Parents evening slots have been sent out - please make sure you book these!

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  • Friday 26th January

    Published 26/01/24, by Hannah Murkett

    The children have had a fantastic week. 

    The children have loved their PE lessons where they have been doing jumps and sequences of movement during gymnastics and football passing and accuracy today.

    In science this week we have been looking at what makes a mammal a mammal and the different types of mammals there are. Children really enjoyed learning that there are mammals that live in the water as well as on land. This links fantastically to our visit from Safari Stu at the start of February.

    Within English this week we have enjoyed exploring the end of Anna and Crocodiles adventure in our book 'How to Find Gold'. The children wrote some fantastic sentences and poems in their English about storms today.

    In maths we have finished our place value topic to 20 and moving onto addition within 20 next week.

    The spellings for your children are the following and will be tested on Monday:

    bake, rain, play, stay, mail

    Have a fantastic reading - don't forget to log all reading and have some fun on Numbots!

    The Year 1 Team

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  • Friday 12th January

    Published 12/01/24, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings and dictation this week are:

    You,   Come,   Here,    There,    The     Can you come here please?

    This week in maths the children have been looking at numbers 10 - 20. They have made these numbers using ten frames and Dienes. They all did a fantastic job and can explain how many tens or ones are in each number. 

    In English we have looked at a picture of a girl and a crocodile pulling a boat. We thought about what they could be doing or where they could be going. We also thought about going on an adventure and what we would take with us in our back-packs. 

    In Science,  we organised animals into groups and talked about how scientists group animals - mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects etc

    During PSCHE we thought about what keeps us healthy. We spoke about what we needed to do to stay healthy and why it was important.

    In Phonics we have been looking at the sound a_e (ay) -  Cake, bake, snake etc. See if you can spot any a_e sounds when reading. 


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  • Friday 5th January

    Published 05/01/24, by Hannah Murkett

    Talk Homework: Talk to your adults about all the animals you know, see if you can bring in any facts about animals. 

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  • Friday 15th December

    Published 15/12/23, by Hannah Murkett

    Please remember to log all your reading over the Christmas Holidays on Boom reader, these will be checked.

    Get your children onto numbots online to practice their addition and subtraction. It is a great fun way for your child to do their maths. 

    TALK HOMEWORK: Look around your home, what 3D shapes can you spot over the Christmas break. Maybe you could bring some examples into school for after the Christmas holidays.

    This week your children have really enjoyed being the school elves. They have undertaken a Skills Builder project called 'Special Delivery' where they have delivered Christmas cards to the whole school. They were put into teams, they had many team building activities like designing a logo, stamp, creating a delivery company name and designing their outfits. The children thrived and used lots of their skills builder skills which was fantastic to see.

    In Maths this week we have started to look at 3D shapes and the children are enjoying learning about them.

    In English this week we have finished the Jolly Postman's journey. The children created a wanted poster as the Big Bad Wolf was dressed as a Grandma. The children used great description to describe the Big Bad Wolf and they really enjoyed this lesson.

    The children have worked so hard during Autumn Term and need a well deserved break. Thank you to all volunteers who have supported Year 1 this term, we really appreciate it.

    Merry Christmas and have a lovely break!

    The Year 1 Team

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  • Friday 1st December

    Published 01/12/23, by Hannah Murkett

    Talk Homework: In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction, can you challenge yourself and do the 8 fact families?

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  • Friday 24th November

    Published 24/11/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk Homework - In class the children have been thinking about Industry. Talk together about what different industries are in or around Buckden?

    Spellings:  Claw,  Prawn,  Straw,  Lawn,  Some        or         Paw,  Jaw,  Saw,  Claw,  You

    This week the children have continued to look at poetry. As a class, they have written poems about fire, thinking about their senses and which adjectives to use to best describe what they can see, hear, feel and smell.

    In maths we have been using a number line to add and subtract numbers, making sure that we are travelling along the number line in the correct direction.

    Art was a huge hit this week as we have been monoprinting. The children used tin foil, paint and cotton buds to print pictures of animals. It was a big success!

    In PSCHE the children have been talking about what is kind and unkind behaviour. Thinking about how we can display the kind behaviour in school, making sure that we are good friends to one another.


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  • Friday 17th November

    Published 17/11/23, by Hannah Murkett

    Talk Homework: Talk to your parents about animals you have learnt in French from the jungle so far. 

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  • Friday 10th November

    Published 10/11/23, by Hannah Murkett

    Talk Homework: Talk to your adults about what you like doing when you are out and about.

    Remember to log all reading onto Boomreader to collect gems.

    Spellings: shirt, twirl, stirs, first, many 


    Spellings: sir, girl, dirt, bird, Mr

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