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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


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  • 27th January 2023

    Published 27/01/23, by Fran Walker

    Feeling successful is the key!

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  • 13th January 2023

    Published 13/01/23, by Fran Walker

    Have a great weekend!!

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  • 6th January 2023

    Published 06/01/23, by Fran Walker

    Happy New Year!

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  • 16th December 2022

    Published 16/12/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Almost there!

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  • 9th December 2022

    Published 09/12/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Let's keep that energy up for next week!

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  • 2nd December 2022

    Published 04/12/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Thank you so much to everyone who helped at the Bake Sale!

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  • 25th November 2022

    Published 25/11/22, by Joshua Palmer

    See if you can research whether the Lusitania really did have explosives aboard!

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  • 18th November 2022

    Published 18/11/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Christmas Fair Tomorrow!

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  • 11th November 2022

    Published 11/11/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Hurray for bikeability!

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  • 4th November 2022

    Published 04/11/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Welcome back to Autumn 2!

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  • 21.10.22

    Published 21/10/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Happy Half Term but don't forget....

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  • 7.10.22

    Published 07/10/22, by Joshua Palmer

    Please rest well this weekend ready for Green Park!

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