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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 28th April

1.) Remember to read for 20 minutes each day and record your reading on Boom Reader. 

2.) There are 4 tasks set for you on SATs Companion - please complete these by next Wednesday.

3.) Revise this week's spelling words ready for a quiz on Tuesday: responsibility, possibly, horribly, visibly, incredibly, sensibly, reversibly, terribly, forcibly, legibly.

4.) Please bring an extra snack with you to school on Tuesday.  As part of our revision, we are holding a Cafe Quiz in the hall where you will be working in teams to answer quiz questions on different Maths and SPaG topics - it will be fun!

5.) Remember to bring your cake donations into school on Friday, for our Coronation 'Giving Back' event at the Church - a letter has already been emailed to parents about this.

6.) Make sure you know the words for our Coronation Song, as we will be singing this in church on Friday.  I have attached the words and the backing track, so you can practise.

Leo: In Maths this week we have been revising all we know about angles!  Angles in triangles, angles on a straight line, around a point and in all 2d shape problems involving finding out missing angles - I have really enjoyed it.

Nancy:  In English we have continued work relating to our Power of Reading book, 'The Song from Somewhere Else'.  This week we have written diary entries in role which has enabled us to be creative but also show that we understand how the main character, Frank, feels.

Susie:  In PE today we took part in Circuit activities in the hall.  Each group had a card which described an exercise.  We had to set up our station, demonstrate the exercise and show how to make it easier or harder.  After we had completed the full circuit, comprising of 8 stations, we were all really tired!