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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 31st March

1.) Remember to read for 20 minutes each day and record your reading on Boom Reader. 

2.) There are no set tasks for you on SATs Companion.  Try and log in 8 times over the Easter holiday and complete an activity in an area where you feel you need more practice.  The more times you log in the better - every activity you manage to complete is excellent revision for your upcoming tests in May.  We can see how much time you have spent on homework, and which tasks you have completed.

3.) Revise this week's spelling words ready for a quiz on Monday 17th April: noticeably, dependably, comfortably, adorably, valuably, believably, changeably, reasonably, considerably, tolerably.

4.) Optional revision for SATs tests.  Please see the attached documents for optional revision activities which you can complete at home over the Easter holidays.  

5.)  Optional English homework: Write the next chapter of Pig-Heart Boy entitled:  3 Months Later...  House Points will be available for this, and it would be lovely to share some in class next term.

Harrison:  In Art this half-term, we have been drawing self-portraits.  We learnt how to draw ourselves in proportion and then for the background, we drew a grid of squares which we filled with objects which reflected our personalities and interests.

Susie:  In English we have finished our Power of Reading book, 'Pig-Heart Boy'.  The week we were asked to write a newspaper article about Cam and his operation.  We spent time looking at both tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, and for our own article we could decide whether we were writing in support of Cam's transplant or whether we were against it.

Elysia:  This week we have completed a Skills Builder project where we had to plan and take a fitness class for some of the younger children in school.  In the project we were developing these skills:  Aiming High, Staying Positive and Leadership.  Today we got to take the classes and although it was challenging, it was also lots of fun!