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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 31st March 2023

Spellings: napped, dragged, dropped, patted, clapped

Talk Homework: Can you recall the Easter story?

Science: Please feel free to enjoy these fantastic science videos

As it is the last week of term, we all wanted to share a highlight from this half term with you!

Mila- 'My highlight is when we did the life cycle of a butterfly outdoors with natural resources'

Isla-Rose- 'I have enjoyed science this half term because we have been learning about life-cyles and food chains'

Henry- 'I enjoyed our skills builder project when we made our 3D swimming pool'

Olivia E- 'This term I enjoyed the science experiment where we filtered dirty water'

Orla- 'I enjoyed English when we wrote sentences about the witch'

Ava P- 'I enjoyed when we observed tadpoles'

Ava T- 'I enjoyed when we did music with Mrs Jaynes when we took in turns to do our song'

Shruthi- 'I enjoyed when we did our identity jigsaw in PSHE'

Fin- 'I enjoyed our skills builder'

Jimmy- 'I have enjoyed maths doing scales'

Matilda B- 'I liked maths'

Matilda S- 'I liked writing about the witch from Rapunzel'

Jacob- 'I have enjoyed the witch work aswell'

Thea- 'I have enjoyed doing the Easter cards'

Leah- 'I enjoyed when we were making 3D things in our rooms for Skills Builder'

Finley & Seb- 'I have enjoyed watching the tadpoles grow'

Grayson- 'I enjoyed Dave Pigeon and geography'

Edmund- 'I have enjoyed doing our portraits'

Olivia H- 'I enjoyed portraits in art'

Joseph- 'I have enjoyed our independent writing in English'

Happy Easter everyone!
Miss Bennett