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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


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  • Friday 26/5/23

    Published 26/05/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: Practice telling the time.

    Spellings: Revise spelling shape names circle, square, triangle, pentagon, sphere, cone, cube and cuboid.

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  • 19.05.23

    Published 19/05/23, by Stacey Romaine

    Talk homework: practise telling the time.

    Spellings: children, again, Christmas, improve, father, bath, beautiful. 

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  • Friday

    Published 12/05/23, by Susan Tarpey
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  • Friday 12th May 2023

    Published 12/05/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: How do seeds germinate? 

    Spellings: daughter, poor, pour, paw, talk, fork, Paul, core, 

    Science  science Twig Reporter

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  • Friday 5.5.23

    Published 05/05/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: what is Wesak and how is it similar to other festivals that we might celebrate? 

    Our spellings this week are: climb, hour, sure, sugar, whole, hole, everybody. 

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  • Friday 28th April

    Published 28/04/23, by Joshua Palmer

    Friday 28th April 2023

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  • Friday 21st April 2023

    Published 21/04/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: Use an analogue clock to practise telling the time. Think about how you might pack your own  snacks to bring to school to avoid using plastic.

    Spellings: quarter, half, o'clock, past, to 

    Science: Use Twig Science Reporter to watch a video about seeds, trees, plants or something about biodiversity.


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  • Friday 31st March 2023

    Published 31/03/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: Ask your adults if you can have a jug in the bath to measure amounts of water in mls. Then see if you can use a weigh scales in the kitchen to find the mass of an object in grams. Lastly, use a ruler or a tape measure to measure something like a water bottle or a bag of sweets to see how long it is in cm.

    Spellings: clapped, dragged, napped, dropped, patted

    Science homework: We have been learning about how animals are suited to their environment/habitat. Watch this video to see how a frog is camouflaged in his environment.

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  • Friday 24th March 2023

    Published 24/03/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Spellings: sugar, everybody, should, great, people  hoped, safer, largest, nicer, closest

    Talk Homework: Can you draw a portrait of someone in your family? How can you care for your environment?

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  • Friday 17th March 2023

    Published 17/03/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: Tell you adults about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

    Spellings: wrote, wriggle, write, wrap, wrong

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  • Friday 10th March 2023

    Published 10/03/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework:Talk to your adults about the continents.

    Spellings: relied, replied, copied, multiplied, fried

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  • Friday 3rd March

    Published 03/03/23, by Susan Tarpey

    Talk homework: Tell your adults everything you know about The Ttitanic

    Spellings: writing, loving, shining, hoping, coming

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