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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Week beg 2.2.2023

Talk homework: Why are the oceans, particularly coral reefs, important ?

It's been a lovely first week back. We've begun to learn about why our oceans are important and will continue to deepen our understanding about how it supports trade, the climate, marine and human life. We're making strides with our multiplication –  Riley and Bella have enjoyed their introduction to long multiplication. 

Ida has also enjoyed making predictions for our new book, Floodlands, and they're all eager to learn more. Jack really liked seeing Lizell again, who made a surprise visit on Tuesday to teach the class's first session in field hockey. Florrie and Nevaeh also enjoyed gymnastics. Isabelle has loved learning about the ocean and exploring its importance as we begin our geography unit about coral reefs. 

We've spent class and assembly time this week learning about the NSPCC, which the pupils have engaged with maturely and with the greatest respect. 

SATs Companion homework has been set and is due to be completed by next Thursday.

For next week, can I request that all children have the following stationary please as my personal classroom supplies are now empty:

Whiteboard pens (we use these multiple times a day)


Orange and purple fine-liner pens 


Pritt Stick

Blue handwriting pen (if your child has a pen pass). 

Thank you