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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


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  • 19.05.23

    Published 19/05/23, by Christina Farmer

    Spelling – bicycle, biplane, biped, bicentennial, biannual, bilingual, biceps, binoculars, bisect, biscuit, choose.

    Talk homework – Talk to your family about Aspirations Day and what you learnt about the different jobs.

    Reading 15 minutes / day   TT Rockstars   Purplemash - 2Type

    We have had a very busy week.

    We made vegetarian kibbeh for dinner last night after completing our cooking session in DT.

    We thought Aspiration Day was fun as we met so many people who did different jobs. We enjoyed learning about the firefighters and the qualifications they needed to join the service.  We were excited to be a volunteer for the magician in assembly this morning.  We were excited to try on and examine the equipment from the RAF sergent.

    We are enjoying using our Skills Builder skills, e.g., speaking and teamwork in our PE sessions whilst playing rounders.

    In History, we used our imagination to draw our version of a Benin Bronze plaque.

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  • 05.05.23

    Published 05/05/23, by Christina Farmer

    Spellings - homophone, telephone, phonics ,microphone ,megaphone, sign ,signature, assign, design, signal who’s (who is or who has)

    TT Rockstars and 2Type of Purplemash

    Tallk homework - tell your family or carers about maps and how the compass and the 'key' helps to understand a map.

    We have been learning about tenths in Maths and how to write this as decimal as well as a fraction.

    In History, we looked at the timeline of Ancient Benin and what was happening in Britain during this time.

    We had a fabulous Friday afternoon as we celebrated the King's coronation by singing both the Coronation song and National Anthem; there was dancing from the Reception and Year 2 classes whilst the rest of the year groups had stalls painting rocks, decorating crowns and painting faces.

    Have a lovely, long restful weekend.

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  • 28.04.23

    Published 28/04/23, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: - tell your family / carers about Ancient Benin and why not many people might have heard about this civilisation.

    Spellings:  soluble, insoluable dissolve real reality realistic unreal realisation solve whose(who does it belong to)

    TT Rockstars and Purplemash 2Type

    Coronation song and music is attached below

    Harrison enjoyed food tasting in DT and his favourite was the kiwi.  Jax liked the pomegranate the most.  Whilst Miss Harris challenged herself to try mango for the very first time.

    Arya enjoyed bikeability as she thought she could ride one hand but she preserved and managed it. Omar was excited because he was able to ride his new mountain bike. Ethan A. enjoyed the camaraderie of the experience.  Ethan D was happy that he was to cycle in circles.  Mrs Hardy impressed herself with her tutoring skills.

    Chase found PHSE interesting especially when thinking about our future jobs.

    Alfie enjoyed playing our catching game in PE.

    James did not know about Ancient Benin so he found that interesting and was proud of the paragraph he wrote.

    Lucas and Dylan enjoying translating coordinates in Maths.

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  • Fern Class Blog 24.04.23

    Published 21/04/23, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework - Next week will be Earth Day, talk to your family about how we can all individually help the environment.

    Spellings - solution, soluble, insoluble, dissolve, real, reality, realistic, unreal, realisation, solve and whose (who does it belong to)

    Our Grafham trip was a success! 

    Thank you to all parents and carers who supported the children with their packing and preparation for the trip.

    The accomodation was fantastic, and the children have grown in their independence as they helped tidy and organise their rooms and helped clear the tables after their meals.

    We exhausted ourselves with some exciting experiences and had opportunities to use our Skills Builder skills; we used our listening skills to learn how to use the canoes on the beautiful reservoir, our perseverance skills to climb up the 10 metre high climbing wall and our team-working skills to create a crate stack that almost reached the top of the building!  We came away from our wonderful trip will lots of happy memories. 


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  • 31.03.23 Class blog

    Published 31/03/23, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework - talk to your adults at home about our discussions about plastic free snacks and lunches.

    We have had a wonderful week where we wrote letters explaining the issue with plastic and how we can proactively change this.

    In Maths, we completed our lessons on fractions.  We can now add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and place them on a numberline.

    In History, we walked around our historical village and discovered where Romans and Anglo Saxons once lived.  We measured out the Long Hall and it was huge!

    Grafham visit - a final letter has been sent out regarding the visit.  Remember- lunch on Monday, no electronics, clothes for all season.

    Have a lovely relaxing Easter break.

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  • 17.03.23 Class blog

    Published 17/03/23, by Christina Farmer
    Talk homework - inform your adults at home / family members about what you have learnt in Geography - Migration.
    Spellings - caught, woman, potatoes, surprise, separate, group, height, through, particular, though.
    TT Rockstars - Soundchecks
    We have advanced in our Maths work and we are now adding and subtracting mixed numbers and improper fractions.
    In English, we have learnt about past progressive tense and some subordinating conjunctions.  
    In Science, we talked about echo location and how some animals use it to find food.
    Have a great weekend.
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  • 10.03.23 Class blog

    Published 10/03/23, by Christina Farmer

    We have had a marvellous, creative week with lots of learning at school.

    Talk homework - Tell your adults or family what improper fractions and mixed numbers.

    Spelling - reluctantly, quickly, generously, unexpectedly, gently, curiously, furiously, seriously, victoriously, courteously, we're (we are)

    TT Rockstars - times tables / Purplemash - typing   Homework sheets

    During this cold week, we have been warmed by our story writing of the Anglo Saxon myth, Beowulf.  We watched the introduction and then created our own stories.

    In Maths, we have learnt how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and visa versa.

    In Art, we have used pointillism to paint a portrait.  There have been some amazing portraits.


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  • 24.2.23 Class blogs

    Published 24/02/23, by Christina Farmer

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • Class blog 10.02.23

    Published 10/02/23, by Christina Farmer

    Spellings - invention, injection, migration, stagnation, nomination, selection, completion, action, communication, hesitation, you're

    Talk homework - share your ending of Oliver and the Seawigs with your adults.

    TT Rockstars + Boomreader

    We have and a busy half term.

    Our Roman Day was a success! Thank you all so much for providing the children with such great costumes.  We used all our learning of the Romans and created a video that explained what happened in key Roman locations.

    We completed our ending for Oliver and the Seawig and produced some amazing stories.

    In Maths, we have completed multiplication and division and will be moving onto fractions next term.

    Today, we had Hockey Interhouse with many Year 4 players taking part.

    Hope you all have lots of rest and an enjoyable half term!

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  • 27.01.23

    Published 27/01/23, by Christina Farmer

    Spellings: breath, business, caught, different, exercise, extreme, medicine, possession, although, thought.

    Boom reader and TT Rockstars

    Talk homework - explain what the 'left over' part is in a division - what is it called? how can you show it using match sticks?

    In maths, we enjoyed learning about different methods of division and some of us said they were struggling with division but found the part/ whole a useful tool to help solve the calculation. 

    We thought English was fun as we had to use our imagination to draw the descriptive setting from our Power of Reading book.  We are enjoying meeting new characters and finding out what the new island holds and excited to find out what will happen next.

    In Geography this week, we learnt about water pollution and we had a visitor from Anglian Water who provided an eventful day for us and we learnt some fun facts, e.g., it takes1300 litres to make a single loaf of bread!

    On field, we enjoyed learning new skills in hockey and this week, we practised running with the ball and how to keep each other safe.

    In History this week, we looked back at Roman innovations and found out about what happened in Britain before our time.  We enjoyed learning about the different Roman baths - Caldarium, Tepidarium, Frigidarium.

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  • Class blog 20.01.23

    Published 20/01/23, by Christina Farmer

    Spellings: serious, obvious, curious, hideous, spontaneous, courteous, furious, various, victorious, gaseous, threw.

    Talk homework: Tell your adults at home / family about the battle between Boudica and the Roman army in 60-61AD.

    TT Rockstars - 3 x sound checks.

    Boomreader -  any reading you do over the weekend.

    This week, we enjoyed learning about the states of matter in Science whilst some of us was interested about how to plan a fair test to answer our investigation question.

    We were challenged in Maths as we were learning how to do the written method in long multiplication.  We discovered howthe compact method was so much quicker.

    In English, we were amused by the introduction of the three new characters in our Power of reading book -Oliver and the Seawigs.

    We continued learning about the Romans in History and how some Celts disliked them and found Boudica's story a fascinating one.

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  • Class blog 13.01.23

    Published 13/01/23, by Christina Farmer
    Spelling – merriment, happiness, plentiful, penniless, happily, prettiest, nastiness, beautiful, pitiful, silliness, hole Talk homework – tell your family about the states of matter and give them some examples. TT – Rockstars
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