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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


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  • 11.11.22 blog

    Published 11/11/22, by Christina Farmer

    Spellings- sadly, bravely, foolishly, completely, gently, proudly, nervously, wildly, happily, horribly

    TT Rockstars - Practise your multiplication - use Sound checks

    Talk Homework- Tell your family about the similarities and differences between the 3 and 6 times tables. 

    Boom reader- We are now 9 weeks into our academic year, many of you have risen to the challenge to create a regular reading routine at home, let's get this to 100% by the end of the weekend to support year four’s learning.
    In English, we have been developing a letter to the King after Prince Ivan came to a crossroad and had to choose a path to take, can you recall the three paths there were and which path you chose?
    In PE year four enjoyed learning new skills from one another during football. Please all remember your PE kits on Monday as we have a lot of additional sporting events going on, interpose and a skipping workshop. 
    During play practice everyone has come together to start organising our stage layout and where cast, signs and props need to be, followed by lots of fun practising the play, with many children not needing their scripts anymore! 
    Have a lovely weekend.
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  • 04.11.22 Blog

    Published 04/11/22, by Christina Farmer

    Spelling - adoration, admiration, illustration, detonation, coronation, observation, location, generation, combination, exploration

    TT Rockstars - Practise your multiplication - use Sound tracks

    Talk Homework - Tell your family about the imaginary lines that go around the world

    In English, we have started our new Power of Learning reading book and we illustrated our own interpretation of the Firebird and described Prince Ivan's personality.

    In History, we learnt about Guy Fawkes and how he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

    Some people in Fern's class our beating their own records on the multiplication booklets.

    Due to the rainy weather, we were unable to use the field, so we did circuits around the track in PE which was very fun.

    Everyone is practising their parts in the play and  having fun performing together.

    Have a great weekend.

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  • 21.10.22 Class blog

    Published 20/10/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework - Explain to your family how to write a biography.

    Spellings - information, sensation, preparation, vibration, decoration, donation, duration, registration, population, determination

    Tasks - daily TT rockstar test and update Boom reader.

    Practise songs and speeches for the play.

    We have been busily practising our play.  Please bring in any costumes you have after half term.

    We have edited and written out our biography of Wangari in English. 

    In Maths, we have looked at efficient ways to subtract and add calculations.

    Have a super half term.

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  • 14.10.22

    Published 14/10/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework - Practise your Roman numerals and talk to your family about how to exchange in subtraction.

    Spellings - calendar, appear, believe, grammar, increase, interest, opposite, straight, strength, women.

    Costumes - please bring in your costume in a named carrier bag.

    TT Rockstars and record reading on Boom

    We are charging ahead with our column subtractions this week and challenged ourselves with subtraction questions with two exchanges.

    In English, we have researched Wangari's life and how she won the Noble prize and will be writing her biography next week.

    In Geography, we have explored land degradation through different people's opinion and their land use.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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  • 07.10.22

    Published 07/10/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: Build confidence to project your voice whilst you practice your lines and singing our play songs.

    Spellings: daily practice = interact, intercity, international, interfere, interview, intercept, intercom, internet, interchange, interface.

    TT rockstars daily practice.

    We are starting to see a real interest in the use of boom reader which is superb. However, research reports parents should be reading with children up to the age of 13, in agreement, feedback from Hinchinbrook state all years including year 11 do guided reading with their tutors as part of their tutorial programme 4 times a week. Therefore, we encourage getting into the habit of reading with an adult at home daily, from the start of primary and continuing up to secondary school to support a pleasure in reading, understanding and vocabulary of books.

    This week, Fern class has embraced the challenge to improve their handwriting through constructive criticism, we look forward to continuing this next week. Play practice has been a highlight for the majority of Fern class.

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  • 30.09.22

    Published 30/09/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework - discuss the different characters in our play that we have been exploring this week through the story, and what makes their characters interesting. 

    Reminder - We are visiting St Mary's church on Monday and children can bring a long-life product which will be taken to Godmanchester food bank.

    Spellings: subject, subtropical, subdivide, subway, subtitle, subheading, substandard,submit

     TT rockstars practice. 

    It is lovely to see children starting to use the Boom Reader app, this will really support learning taking place in school.

    We have enjoyed persevering with rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 100 this week. 

    Fern class thoroughly enjoyed watching Raven class start playing a game of netball after our school photos and are looking forward to this themselves next week. 

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  • 23.09.22

    Published 23/09/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework - tell your family about Roman numerals and to practise their lines and songs for the play.

    Reminder - Individual school photos are being taken on Wednesday 28th September.

    The Boom Reader app is now up and running, please log in any reading completed at home.

    We enjoyed learning how to read the time, using past and to the hour, during Maths. Whilst Claire enjoyed learning how to read Roman numerals.

    In English, Thomas enjoyed learning how Mama Miti’s solutions improved biodiversity.

    Alex enjoyed rugby and our matches with Raven class.

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  • 16.09.22 Class blog

    Published 16/09/22, by Christina Farmer
    Spellings - inactive, incorrect, invisible, insecure, inflexible, indefinite, inelegant, incurable, inability, inadequate.
    Talk home - talk about what you have learnt about the Queen.
    We have auditions next week, please try to remember the first line(s) of the song.
    Practise your 3 and 4 times tables 
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  • Fern - Friday 9th September

    Published 12/09/22, by Gill Tipping

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