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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

5.11.21 Blog

Talk Homework: Explain why you think Ivan should choose to go right, left or on the middle path. 

We have enjoyed English where we have been learning about the Firebird. Also, we have been learning about adverbials and fronted adverbials. Here is an example; In the middle of the day, the tree fell on the ground. OR The tree fell on the ground, in the middle of the day. OR The tree fell, in the middle of the day, on the ground. 

In PE this week we listened to a song, inspired by the Firebird, and created a dance to it. We have also enjoyed playing rugby with Miss Lizell. 

We have enjoyed Science this week. We have been learning about teeth. We also completed a test about science. 

In Global Learning, we've been thinking about Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Mrs Farmer put some rules on the board about Blonde haired people couldn't have chocolate and Brown eyed people couldn't use screens. We had a debate about those rules, finally Mrs Farmer took them off. 

Today we made Christmas card designs which we enjoyed. We painted the backgrounds, let them dry, then we used a black felt tip to draw a silhouette. 

At breaktime, a group of people have a black bin and compost bag. One person goes to collect crisp packets for the black bin and the green compost bag people collect the fruit waste. The black bin is for all people in school to put their crisp packets (and similar) in. Mrs Lawson will take them to Tesco to recycle them, and we are trying to convince everyone to have a healthy snack. We have also made posters for the bin and posters to go around the school. In assembly on Tuesday we will be talking about why we are doing this. 

Also, we got attendance bear this week.