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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 11th February 2022

Talk Homework: This week is Children's Mental Health Week- talk to your family friends about what mental health means. Choose some activities to complete over the holidays to make a positive impact on your mental health. This could be doing an activity that you really enjoy, reading a book or even just enjoying as much time as you can outdoors in the fresh air!


Spellings: pencil, evil, pupil, April, nostril

This week we have finished our class reader book- Dave Pigeon. One of our favourite parts was when the birds all intruded the house and stole all the human lady's biscuits! We then created a summary page with all of Dave and Skipper's plans to get rid of Mean Cat. In maths, we have been doing lots of quizzes, focusing on multiplying and dividing. In English, we have been independently writing a narrative about a video called 'Something Fishy'- we really enjoyed this as all of the creatures in the ocean were made of clothing... even a Jean shark!! In PE, we have finalised our dance performances and we danced with our partners ensuring we stayed in time to the tempo and were in synchronisation. Our outdoor PE was also great fun- we played a molecule game with fun forfeits! In RE, we have been recalling our knowledge of Islam and how Muslims show compassion. In science, we researched food chains and made these out of playdough! We made sure we used our scientific vocabulary- producer, consumer, predator, prey and energy. In DT, we made levers and sliders. We learnt that levers are a mechanism with a pivot and sliders can go up/down or left/right. In history, we drew portraits of Joseph Bazalgette and created a portfolio of facts. We learnt that he used to be a railway engineer before he designed London's first sewer network. He was born in 1819 and also survived cholera! 


Georgie- 'I have really enjoyed doing maths because I like doing quizzes!'

Michael- 'I enjoyed learning the engineering song! And the continents and oceans songs!'

Freya- 'This week I really enjoyed doing Something Fishy because I like writing stories- they are my favourite!'

Harry- 'I am looking forward to my Special Day today!'

Lola- 'I have also enjoyed maths!'

Dexter- 'I really liked doing the Something Fishy story and doing our Dave Pigeon story map in our reading journals!'

Connie- 'I really liked singing lots of songs- I have found them really fun!'

Hetty- 'I really enjoyed doing English because we were showing off everything we have learnt!'


Hope you all have a fantastic half term! 

Miss Bennett