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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

8th July 2022

Talk Homework: On Tuesday 19th July, we will be having a EYFS Talent show. Please could you assist your child in selecting a talent and rehearsing a piece to perform. They may bring in props, equipment and costumes to enhance their piece. This is just for fun so if they are really not keen that is absolutely fine. They may buddy up with others if they like.

Here are your children's comments about being in Year 1...

Emily- we did a chart finding leaves- lots of sycamore

Mia- more like learning, not a lot of playing

Chloe- more learning, we did lots of writing

Alfie- we done loads of learning, we went on a walk and picked up two leaves, got a crayon and rubbed it then used a pen for other bits.

Jack- It was excellent we got more learning

Dylan- I like the break times

Billy- Year 1 was really fun, we didn't get much play but it was good

Ethan- I liked doing lots of writing.

Ruby- I liked making butterflies- we coloured them and made them the same on each wing.

Sophie- we learnt about French and coloured a flag one side read and one side blue and in the middle I left it white

Ruben- we did leaf hunting

Logan- we been doing self portraits, you draw yourself little then we drawed our faces

Jon- when we were doing handwriting it was like we never stopped doing handwriting

Annie- we did writing about a bramble.