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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Gerald Durrell




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  • Friday 28th May

    Published 27/05/21, by Joshua Palmer

    This week the children have been writing their own sequel to the class reader 'street child'. They have done a fantastic job, using their knowledge about the time period and English language to create riveting stories. 

    The children have also finished their powerpoint presentations which were all about Zero hunger. They have included information about the impact natural disasters can have on food production, organic foods and the pros and cons of GM crops. They have also included information about labelling on food and what needs to be included by law.

    Last week all the children made their bread products which was hugely successful. I am sure they have told you all about this!

    Enjoy half term and we will see you in June!

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  • Friday 21st May

    Published 20/05/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Durrell Class have enjoyed painting the glaze on our vessels. We will be putting them in the kiln next week. We have put some glass beads in the bottom and we are excited to see what happens.

    The children this week have produced some amazing writing in English. They have written from a character perspective and a poem, thinking about how to use positive vocabulary to create a joyful mood for the reader.In our SPAG lessons we have been identifying active and passive voice, the children worked very hard on this and persevered when things got tough!

    In our Geography lessons we have used longitude and latitude to identify places on a map and discussed how the position of different countries aorund the world can effect the crops grown.

    Whilst studying our SDG topic Zero Hunger this week, we have looked at what GM crops are and possible advantages and disadvantages they could bring. 

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  • Friday 30th April

    Published 29/04/21, by Joshua Palmer

    This week in Gerald Durrell the children have worked particularly hard with their writing creating some lovely information texts about Victorian Workhouses.

    During Computing the children have continued with their powerpoint on the topic zero hunger, learning how to insert a hyperlink.

    ;The children have continued with netball this week, focusing on shooting. 

    In science we have been planning an investigation where we are finding out how much changing a particular variable impacts on a plants germination.  We have made the pots out of newspaper so that when you plant it it is biodegradable. 

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  • Friday 23rd April

    Published 22/04/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework:

    Why do we eat? Why is it important to eat?

    What foods do you like to eat? 

    What foods remind you of certain things?

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  • Friday 17th April

    Published 15/04/21, by Joshua Palmer

    The children have made a really good start back to school after the Easter holidays and it has been lovely to see them playing together at break and lunchtimes across the two year 5 classes.

    This week we have started a new text in English and the children have had some fantastic class discussions about life in Victorian times, especially lives for children during this time period.

    In maths we have started looking at percentages, fractions and decimals. Annabel described it as 'challenging but fun!.

    In PSHE we have started looking at what it means to have a healthy lifestyle. We have focused upon the three areas of physical,emotional and social health.

    TALK HOMEWORK - Discuss or carry out some research into what life was like in a Victorian Workhouse.

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  • Friday 26th March

    Published 26/03/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Happy Easter Holidays Everyone!! 

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  • Friday 19th March

    Published 19/03/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk homework: Next week you are going to be writing your own version of our story 'The Promise.' Please start to think about what characters you are going to have and talk through some ideas about what your story will be about - remembering that it needs to follow a similar plot / idea to 'The Promise.'

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  • Friday 12th March

    Published 12/03/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework:

    Why do you think the girl ran away from the lady after she asked her to keep a promise? What do you think that promise is and do you think the girl will keep her promise?

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  • Home learning wb 01.03.21

    Published 26/02/21, by Joshua Palmer

    An overview of next week's home learning

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  • Home learning wb 22.02.21

    Published 18/02/21, by Joshua Palmer

    An overview of next week's home learning

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  • Home learning wb 08.02.21

    Published 05/02/21, by Joshua Palmer

    An overview of next week's home learning

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  • Home learning wb 01.02.21

    Published 29/01/21, by Joshua Palmer

    An overview of next week's home learning

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