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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Jessica Ennis-Hill

When using this list of suggested activities, please also refer to the advice on home schooling given by Miss Anderson in the email “Home Schooling” sent on 26th March.


Maths - a great resource if you or your child would prefer more structured maths learning.

Practise measuring weights, lengths, heights, volumes, capacities, anything! Baking/cooking together, measuring heights of people in the house… .Guessing the lengths of various things around the house and then seeing who was closest could be a fun game.

Money – any practise with working out amounts using pounds and pence. Talk about giving change.  (Abacus)

Daily reading
Even if your children don’t read with you, get them to talk about what they’re reading. What’s happening in the plot? How do the characters feel? What might happen next?

Research and create an information text about plants (you can chose the specific title – How to care for plants; Parts of a plant; How plants grow; The life cycle of a plant; etc.) or about Sustainable Cities.

English with Holly – a Facebook page that does a live lesson at 11am every weekday.

Practise some of these homophones and near-homophones:
are/our, there/their/they’re, eye/I, here/hear, see/sea, one/won, sun/son, to/too/two, be/bee, here/hear, where/were

Nessy (for those with a login)

We have been learning about plants this term:

Feel free to also (or instead) work with real plants, caring for them and discussing what each part does and what the plant needs to grow.


Joe Wicks indoor workouts – many children enjoy starting the day with these together at 9am.

Make a mini-circuit routine or assault course inside. You could incorporate this with maths or other subjects by having questions at each “station” too.

Rodocodo -

Touchtyping -

Coding - - great if they have finished the available rodocodo levels. Challenge them to use as few commands as possible in each level. Mr B will post some of his low scores in coming weeks, can anyone beat him?

Coding without a computer: pretend you’re a robot who can only understand the instructions forward; turn 90 degrees left/right; pick up. Set a maze for the robot to navigate and items for them to collect – can they create an algorithm/code for the robot to follow from the start of the maze to the end, collecting all the items?

French (Log in – Username - buckden Password – starfish)





Year 3 general activities:

Maths  (Abacus)

Daily reading

Even if your children don’t read with you, get them to talk about what they’re reading. What’s happening in the plot? How do the characters feel? What might happen next?


Nessy (for those with a login)


Rodocodo -

Touchtyping -

Coding -

French (Log in – Username - buckden Password – starfish)

Have a good weekend, stay safe and well.

Jess Ennis-Hill class


In PE, Lucca has enjoyed developing his football skills with Miss Lizell.

Poppy enjoyed listening to our class text. We were on the edge of our seats as we waited to discover the fate of the narwhals. She also liked planning and writing the next chapter of the story.

Indira has been learning how to present a balanced argument. We chose whaling as our focus and the whole class did really well arguing both points. Particularly, as they had very strong notions of what was morally right.

William enjoyed indoor PE where we mirrored each other's movements. We also had a lot of fun working in synchronicity to produce the ocean's waves.

Have a lovely weekend.

Jess Ennis-Hill class


Libby enjoyed our English this week. We have been learning about expanded noun phrases and how to include them in our writing. We wrote our version of a chapter of the book we've been reading - Why the whales came? We then edited our work the day after and were quite surprised to see that we had made some basic errors. We are beginning to see the importance of coming back to our work to improve it.

Jackson loved indoor PE this week. To link to our topic, we have been thinking about movement below the seas and oceans. We worked hard to represent the movements of slow and quick creatures - making sure we were aware of others in the hall. We then worked together to imitate the sea waves crashing forward and backwards onto the shore. They were very synchronised.

This week, we did PE with Mrs Bliss - football. William was pleased that they got the opportunity to play a complete match, putting all the skills they've learnt into practise. 

We hope you have a great weekend,


Jess Ennis- Hill Class



Talk homework: For animals that live in cold climates, what will become of them if the climate gets warmer.

Reading - 15 minutes a  day

Activelearn - Abacus - multiplication and division

Emily and Leo have enjoyed multiplication and division this week. We started the week a little rusty on our 8 times tables but already there is a huge improvement.

Libby enjoyed writing our letter to Birdman this week. He had gone out in his boat in bad weather and hadn't been seen since. The children wrote from Gracie's perspective, who was extremely worried about him. They also edited their work to improve it.

Indira enjoyed doing our 'Sea of Movement' dancing in indoor PE this week. We had some very interesting creatures join us.

William has enjoyed learning about the coast and how it changes. We have looked at erosion and how it shapes the coast of Britain.

We wish you a lovely weekend,

Jess Ennis-Hill class


Talk homework: Talk about what is happening in the village hall this weekend.

Reading - 15 minutes a day

Activelearn Abacus - multplication and division

Libby enjoyed PE as we looked at how underwater creatures move in the seas and oceans.

Emily wrote a diary entry this week in English. She put herself into the shoes of the main protagonist in the book we are reading: Why the whales came by Michael Morpurgo.

John has worked hard in Maths this week, particularly learning the 4 times tables. We have also used our knowledge of the 3 times tables to multiply and divide.

PE this week with Miss Lizell saw us focussing on football. We practised passing and dribbling the ball.

William has enjoyed the art we did at the beginning of the week which saw us reflecting on what the seas and oceans mean to us.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Jess Ennis- Hill


What a busy week we've had! 

Felix had a lovely time today planting our own Year 3 Tree at school. We also added some bulbs underneath to add colour ready for the Spring.

Eva liked learning about being 'Green' in our 'Going Green' project. We have looked at lots of issues, including water shortage, recycling, green travel, conserving electricity and cleaner energy sources.

Indira enjoyed writing about our innovator, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We have done a lot of research about him and this week we wrote a non- chronological report on his achievements.

Emily has been getting to grips with estimation to check mathematical answers.

Dylan enjoyed listening to Mr Davies who came in to talk to us about how trains have evolved over the last two hundred years. He very kindly brought in one of his model railways and a large selection of trains.


We hope you have a fab weekend.

Jess Ennis-Hill



Daily reading

Active learn - Abacus - Subtracting 3 digit x 3 digit numbers using column subtraction.

Talk homework - How do you think trains could be good for the environment?

Louis loved French this week as he was able to write a sentence to describe the colours of the fish he was drawing. Our French skills are improving hugely. Every day we greet each other in French, both in the morning and the afternoon. We say what we are having for lunch in French and whether or not we are going home on the bus. 

Libby has enjoyed researching Isambard Kingdom Brunel in English and Global learning. She is looking forward to writing her biography next week.

Lucca has enjoyed hockey this week. He was able to use all the skills he has been learning in a match between the Year 3 class.

In Maths, we have been working so hard to understand column subtraction with exchanging. Jackson has enjoyed the challenge and feels confident using this method to answer his calculations.

William has enjoyed looking at the positive and negative impact the railway has had on society. We are still undecided whether rail is a good or a bad part of today's world.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Jess Ennis-Hill class


Daily reading

Active learn - Abacus - Adding and subtracting 3x3 digit numbers.

Talk homework - Give your family instructions on how you made your pizza.

Eva loved making pizza today. We all brought in our own ingredients and worked as a team to create magnificent pizzas. We also wrote the instructions for this in our English lesson.

Darcy is really enjoying building on her hockey skills with Miss Lizell. They have learnt how to dribble, tackle and pass and will hopefully put these skills to use in the next couple of weeks.

Emily is super confident with 3 digit column addition. We will look at column subtraction in more detail next week. I am so proud of how far they have come. Their confidence has grown exponentially.

William has worked really hard to demonstrate his map skills in our Global Learning. We have mapped English counties, UK cities and railway lines of yesteryear. 

We hope you have a terrific weekend

Jess Ennis-Hill


Daily reading

Active learn - Abacus - Addition and subtraction

Talk homework - Tell a member of your family how fossils are formed.

William has enjoyed doing Maths, looking at column subtraction. We started the week a little unsure but have worked so hard to grasp exchanging. We end the week on a super confident note.

John has enjoyed doing map work. We have been looking at the counties within England and also at the Stockton to Darlington line in Topic.

Jackson has enjoyed studying fossils and learning facts about them. We will continue with this learning next week.

In English, Libby enjoyed writing a persuasive text to convince the Stone Age people to use one of Ug's many innovations.


We hope you have a restful weekend.

Jess Ennis-Hill class



Daily Reading

Active Learn - Abacus - Addition and Subtraction 

"This week we have been learning about speech marks and where to put them in pieces of writing," said Indira.

Libby said, "I really enjoyed hockey this week, because I felt I had improved on last week". "We practised dribbling, tackling and then had a few races". "I was puffed out!"

William enjoyed Topic this week. We were looking at information about the train we have chosen on the laptops.  We are researching a selection of trains, including The Mallard, The Flying Scotsman, The Evening Star, The Rocket.

In maths. Emily enjoyed using column addition to add up 3-digit and 2-digit numbers.

In English, we wrote a letter to Ug about tell him about how different life was now compared to how he lived.  We told him about transport, furniture, electronics, food and that we have comfortable beds now!

Have a lovely weekend.


Jessica Ennis-Hill class


Daily reading

Activelearn - Abacus - Adding and subtracting tens

Poppy has enjoyed maths this week. We have worked hard to use 3 digit numbers and tens. As such, we now have a range of strategies to help us solve these problems.

In PE, Jakub has been learning all about hockey. This week, they've been developing their dribbling skills.

In English, we read Ug. We talked about how innovative he is and all the ideas he had. Emma really enjoyed depicting life for Ug and his family through art.

In Global Learning, we are looking at Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Hopefully, the children will be able to explain what these terms mean. We will be looking at the development of trains over the ages and comparing and contrasting those developments.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jess Ennis- Hill class


Daily reading

Activelearn - Abacus - Adding and subtracting

It's the end of the week and half term is nearly upon us. We have made a fantastic start to the year and have settled in to KS2 really well.

Oliver has enjoyed experimenting with charcoal and oil pastels in preparation for drawing our cave art. 

In English, we have been recounting the journey of a pebble, thinking about whether we are an igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock. Emma worked hard to recount all of the different adventures encountered right up to present day.

We had fabulous fun learning about the five different layers of the Earth in Science. We made a lift the flap model of Earth to help remind us what they are called. Finn found the lesson very interesting.

In ICT, with Mrs Clarke, Arthur has enjoyed learning about online safety and making his own avatar. The children have been discussing their identities and the importance of not sharing personal information.

Despite the weather, Thursday, ​​​Jess Ennis-Hill took part in Interhouse. We had a very large number of the class participating for their house. This was very encouraging to see as we have been working hard to develop our rugby skills with Lizell this term.

In Maths, we have worked so hard to demonstrate our knowledge to Mrs Anderson. We have looked at our arithmetic skills, addition and subtraction, partitioning and ordering numbers. We are ready for a break!

We hope you have a lovely, restful week.

Kind regards

Mrs Anderson and Jess Ennis-Hill



Talk Homework: Discuss what is inside the Earth.

Daily reading

Activelearn - Abacus - Adding and subtracting

Indira has enjoyed English this week. We have been looking at poetry. Today, we wrote our own poems based on animals from the past.

This week, Lucca played Endball with Miss Lizell. He learned how to block his opponent and score for his own team.

Jackson likes that he is able to see his progress in A/R. It motivates him to read even more. 

Leo has been learning French this week with the rest of his peers. We had a game of Simon dit to reinforce our imperatives. 

Millie learned about trust this week in RE. They made a maze in the classroom, put on blindfolds and had to trust their partners to guide them safely out.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Jess Ennis-Hill




Talk Homework: Tell your family everything you know about life in the Stone Age.

Daily reading

Activelearn - Abacus - Adding and subtracting

Eva has enjoyed English this week. We have been writing about life 200,000 years ago from the perspective of one of the characters in our book 'Pebble in my Pocket'

Darcy - Today we made our Koinonia invites for our family to come and share our work on Friday 18th October.

Emma and John have enjoyed addition and subtraction this week. Particularly using number bonds to help us do this. The whole of Jess Ennis-Hill are now up and running with Abacus and have loved the new games they have been able to play.

In RE, we have been learning about the Ten Commandments with Mrs Mayes.

In PE, Millie has enjoyed sequencing in Gym. Hopefully, next week we will put this together in a routine to share with our peers.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Jess Ennis-Hill

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