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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


Reading - please read at least 5 times a week with your child and record on Boom Reader. 

Spelling - Our rule; Words ending in: –y (happy). Common Exception Words; what, pretty, every, everybody. Contraction; what’s

Maths - Do Numbots for 15 minutes, three times this week. 

Willow - For spellings I've really enjoyed learning how to split the words into syllables to help us to hear the sounds and spell the words. 

Amber - I enjoyed English because I like writing stuff about the Beast. Yesterday we wrote a letter to the Mayor. 

Emily - On Friday last week I've enjoyed art. We've been making different strips of paper (big and little) in our art books to collage. Also, I enjoyed DT because I remember that we did the sliders so we practiced with the Gingerbread Man story. 

Dylan - I've enjoyed maths because I like adding up the coins. Today we made a shop and got some items, we told the other class the amount of money to pay. 

Toby - I've enjoyed history, we were learning about the Great Stink and there are loads of facts about Sir Joseph Bazalgette. 

Delilah - In PE I've been enjoying our Gymnastics. This week we've been putting together a routine to show the class involving rolling. 

Sophie - I've enjoyed our reading because when I've been doing it it's becoming easier because the books have been really helpful for everybody. It's making it a bit better for us to practice our reading.