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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


Spellings: breath, business, caught, different, exercise, extreme, medicine, possession, although, thought.

Boom reader and TT Rockstars

Talk homework - explain what the 'left over' part is in a division - what is it called? how can you show it using match sticks?

In maths, Dylan enjoyed learning about different methods of division and Lucas said he was struggling with division but found the part/ whole a useful tool to help solve the calculation. James learnt about multiplication and applying different methods and deciding upon the quickest way.

Harrison thought that English was fun as we had to use our imagination to draw the descriptive setting from our Power of Reading book.  Liv is enjoying meeting new characters and finding out what the new island holds. Ethan H is excited to find out what will happen next.

Omar enjoyed Geography this week as we learnt about water pollution and Arya said that the visitor from Anglian Water provided for an eventful day, and we learnt some fun facts, e.g., it takes1300 litres to make a single loaf of bread!

On field, Ethan A enjoyed learning new skills in hockey.  This week, we practised running with the ball and how to keep each other safe.

Emily- Rose loved History this week as we looked back at Roman innovations, she particularly likes finding out about what happened in Britain before our time.  Whilst Bohdan enjoyed learning about the different Roman baths - Caldarium, Tepidarium, Frigidarium.