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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 2nd December 2022

Spellings: badge, edge, hedge, bridge, smudge 

Talk homework: Look around your house for everyday objects that are 3D shapes.

In English, we have enjoyed reading the whole of The Magic Finger! We were really shocked when the ducks were as big as men! We loved the ending where the Greggs became Egg family and looked after wildlife. In maths we have continued practising our addition and subtraction, as well as exploring the properties of 2D shapes. Yesterday, we started name 3D shapes and identified different 3D shapes in the world around us. In PE, we enjoyed applying our passing and shooting skills in football whilst dribbling with the ball! In science, we have been monitoring our heart rate before and after exercise, we noticed that our heart beats per minute increased after exercise because our heart needs to pump more oxygen, carried in our blood, around our bodies. In RE, we have created a story map representing the Christmas story- today we loved hearing this performed by GenR8!

Edmund- 'I have enjoyed putting our spellings into our dictionaries'. 

Isla-Rose- 'I have enjoyed maths when we had shapes and had to cut them and write how many sides and vertices has!'

Fin- 'I liked listening to the Gregg family!'

Harry- 'I enjoyed our PE when we had to dribble, put our feet on the ball and our knee on the ball!'

Olivia- 'I have enjoyed learning about the Gregg family too!'

Matilda B  -  'I enjoyed writing sentences'

Finley- ' I liked learning about The Magic Finger'  

Ava T- 'I enjoyed the GenR8 assembly where they told us the Christmas story!'

Jimmy- 'I liked the Gregg family when they turned into birds and had to learn their lesson!'

Grayson-'I enjoyed computing!'

Happy Friday!

Miss Bennett