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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 4th November 2022

Spellings: tube, tune, rude, cute, flute

Talk Homework: Can you remember the words to our songs? Can you share a garden food chain with your friends and family?

This week we have had great fun! We have loved learning about food chains in science. We know that a food chain starts with a green plant (where its energy is transferred from the sun through photosynthesis). We have looked at food chains within different habitats, using key vocabulary such as predator, prey and energy. In maths we have been continuing our addition, including crossing tens. We have also started our new book in English- we really enjoyed making predictions and writing questions for different characters. In English, we learnt how to write exclamatory sentences and use contractions- ask us what the expanded and contracted form of some words are! In PE, we have started our dance unit, specifically looking at moving in time to the music in our play routines. In RE, we have learnt a bible story to share in assembly next week about Moses. In geography, we have compared Cambridgeshire with the Savannah, looking at human and physical features in each of these. We can see that Cambridgeshire has many more human features than the Savannah as a result of human settlement. 

Edmund- 'I really enjoyed the food chains especially how they transfer energy to different animals. The animals that eat other animals are predators and their food becomes prey'.

Harry- 'I have enjoyed PE, we have been learning our dances for the play.'

Olivia E- 'I have enjoyed DT because we started our sewing'

Grayson- 'I enjoyed football in the new lunch clubs'

Ava P- 'I enjoyed singing, especially Cheer Up Toad and The Chase Chase'

Isla-Rose- 'I enjoyed learning about food chains in science when one animal gives energy to another animal'

Matilda S- 'I've enjoyed science because we have been doing food chains'

Happy Friday!

Miss Bennett