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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 2nd December 2022

Talk homework

This week we have been looking at subtracting or ‘taking away’ in different ways. Talk to your adults about the different ways of subtracting numbers, for example by using a number line to count back in ones, using objects and counting what is left and by counting up to find the whole.


Thank you to everyone who has been logging their reading on our new Boom Reader app! Please ensure that you are reading EVERY DAY with your child and logging it on the Boom Reader app.

Please make sure that you send your child into school with their reading folder every day as we will be reading with your children in school at least once a week.


Although we sent the spellings out this week on our class blogs, the children didn’t come home with their spelling words this week as our printer has been poorly! We will therefore be giving you all another week to practise the spellings AND the dictation sentence. The children will come home with their spelling words tomorrow and will be tested on these spellings on Monday 12th December to ensure that they have enough time to learn them.

In English this week the children have been looking at a range of different poems, with a focus on rhythm and rhyme. The children worked super hard in their teams to learn a poem as a group and we look forward to hearing them perform them to the class tomorrow!   

In Maths this week we have moved on to look at subtraction within 10. The children have explored taking away by moving objects away and counting the remaining objects left, counting up to the whole in order to find the missing part, and by using a number line to count back in jumps of one.

In Science this week we helped Ted in the rain! We conducted a fair test experiment to find out which material would make the best umbrella to keep Ted dry. We now know that a fair test means that we must test in the same conditions to get a fair outcome, and we also know that plastic is a super material to keep us dry as it is ‘waterproof’ which means that if water is poured onto it, it will run off rather than soak through, unlike materials such as paper, tissue and fabric. The children enjoyed predicting which material they thought would be the best and most of the children were correct!

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The Year 1 Team