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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Week beg 16th January

Talk homework: Discuss what life as an Anglo-Saxon was like and the invasion of Lindisfarne? 

It's been a great week for Acorn. Most of us have now mastered long multiplication, and we can multiply up to four digits by two - although we should continue to practice in school and at home. Next week, we'll begin short division. 

Ida and Bella have particularly enjoyed doing maths and has embraced the challenge of long multiplication using thousands and working out the answer. She also liked doing French and learning past tense. 

Betsy liked art because we started to sculpt our turtles and jellyfish out of willow and masking tape - some of our sculptures look very impressive already. 

Keira enjoyed history and learning about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons - we chanted and wrote songs about the invasion of Lindisfarne from the perspective of a Viking or an Anglo-Saxon. 

Izzy enjoyed doing gymnastics and going on the wall bars, whilst Freya like hockey as we were practising our passing and played piggy in the middle. 

In English, we've been developing a description for our own character that could fit into the narrative of this term's book, Floodlands. We have really embraced the language and emotions that reflect the dystopian genre, and developed some fantastic descriptions using similes. Florrie has particularly enjoyed the process. 

Going forward, SATs Companion homework will be set on a Wednesday with a deadline of the following Wednesday at 9am. Homework club, which has had to take a hiatus, will recommence next Thursday lunchtime. There are a few pupils who have not completed their homework over the last couple of weeks, and we respectfully ask that they take the opportunity to bring themselves up-to-do date before next Wednesday. Of course, if they wish to utilise homework club next Thursday to complete their homework they can.  

There are a number of pupils who are also yet to take an AR quiz this term on a book that they have read during Christmas break/since returning to school. Could you please check with your child where they are with their existing reading book and to quiz on their return to school - it will help to reinforce the reminders I'm giving them in class. I'd like to congratulate a number of pupils, however, who have taken several AR quizzes this term already and shown a marked improvement in the regularity of their reading and accuracy of their reading comprehension - superb effort! You can log on to  Renaissance Server (  to view your child's process. 


 Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Schmidt