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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

16th Deccember 2022

Talk Homework- We'll be doing some baking for our Brilliant Bakes skills builder project. Bake a yummy treat for your family with your child and/or visit a bakery and encourage your child to talk about what they notice.

Reading at least 3 times a week and recording on Boom reader app

Yay!!! The snow came and we loved it! 

We have been learning about time and using vocabulary of day, night, now, next, then, morning, evening, afternoon, before and after to sequence our days. It was interesting to learn that different families do things in different orders, for example some of us shower or bath in the evening and some do this in the morning.

In phonics, we have learnt the digraphs qu, ch and sh. We have read the book 'A Trip on the Tram' which you can now practice at home with your children on the parent portal of the Success For All website. This included the tricky words- be, me, the, are, of.

In PSHE and our understanding of the world lessons, we have learnt about the Jewish celebration of Hanukah. The children played the game of spin the driedel and we learnt about the menorah and how they light a candle each day of the festival from the 'shamus' candle.

PE this week was lots of fun with us playing 'party' style games like musical chairs, four corners and musical bumps.

We have also begun our skills builder project- Brilliant Bakes- and the children are looking forward to baking their groups designed products next week.