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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Week 11 - Blog 25/11/2022

Talk Homework; Discuss how Ug could be feeling at this point in the story, ready for writing your diary entry. 

Reading: Use Boom Reader to record your reading. 

Maths: TTrockstars 2x 4x 

Spellings: multisyllabic words with 'ing', 'er' and '-ed'. Please practice in prep for our assessment next week: developing, limited, gardener, covering, listened, exploring, consider, constructed.

In English, we have researched and created posters about some famous inventors. We then presented our findings to the class ready for these to be displayed on the classroom walls for visitors to view. We have a range of inventors, from Marie Curie to the inventors of the wheel!

We have enjoyed football and dance, we learnt how to pass the ball a large distance and in dance how arm movements can make our performances more interesting.

We've loved maths, when we learnt about groups of 4 today. We got to use sticks to show different numbers of groups of 4 (e.g. 5x4). 

During PSHE we have been thinking about what different types of bullying might look like and how people can feel when it happens to them. We've been focusing our discussions about The Angel of Nitshill Road. 

In science, we have learnt about magnets and how we don't need to be touching a magnet for an object to be affected by its force. We will look at what objects are magnetic next week.