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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Blog 12.5.23

Spellings - consonant suffixes 

Maths - x2 x5 x10 x3 x4 x8 

Talk homework - work out the change you will get from an item in a shop when you use a £10 or £5 to pay for it. 

Science - 

Today we enjoyed making the healthy food plate in Science, and it has made me more imaginative, and I had to use my problem-solving skills. 

We've enjoyed the food tasting today as we got to try some dried fruit we haven't tried yet. Everyone is really excited about making our cereal bars next week. 

We liked English today when we were drawing and acting out various poems from our book. 

Yesterday afternoon we learnt how to do one point perspective to draw 3D objects. 

Spellings has been interesting this week, we had to write some words with the prefixes anti- re- sub- super- into sentences. 

In Geography this week we have been learning how the farming in Ireland is different from the UK. In Ireland, they mostly farm livestock because their soil isn't good for growing crops. 

In PSHE we have been learning about how to stay clean and what we use to do this (Personal Hygiene). 

In Maths, we've been learning about money (Pounds and Pence). We've been reminding ourselves about how many pennies are in a pound.