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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 28th January 2022

Talk homework: Look through some newspapers at home with an adult and see if you can spot a headline, a picture with a caption, a quote and the detail of where and when the news story happened. 

Spellings: angel, jewel, towel, travel, camel

In maths this week, we have been revising our addition and subtraction learning. We have also been learning about division by sharing and grouping. In PE, we have enjoyed playing netball and practising our catching and throwing- we scored lots! We had an amazing day on Wednesday learning all about percussion instruments- we loved playing them and learning about pitch and rhythm. This week we have been learning about newspaper reports and  have enjoyed looking through real newspapers! We know that newspapers have: pictures, headlines, newspaper name, quotes and captions! In geography, we learnt about the impact of climate change on water supply. In French, we have been learning the months of the year and how to sing Happy Birthday in French- it has been great fun!

Georgie- 'I have really enjoyed reading Dave Pigeon because it was really funny, especially when Dave said that they needed rain but there were no clouds!'

Mya- 'I have enjoyed clapping to the beat in music!'

Jonah- 'I liked when I threw the ball to Michael from far away and we scored!'

Connie- 'I really enjoyed our warm-up in PE!'

Happy Friday!

Miss Bennett