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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 17th September 2021

Talk Homework: Talk with your adults about the traffic that passes through Buckden. How can traffic impact our environment and health?

This week we have been practising our 2,5 and 10 times tables by playing games and singing songs. In maths we extended our understanding of two-digit numbers by comparing them using greater than, less than and equal to symbols. In science, we had great fun outdoors drawing pictures of what we could see, labelling what was alive, dead or never alive. We found out that trees us provide us with many amazing things like oxygen, paper and wood. We also compared similarities and differences between a plane, a fly and a tree- ask us about this! We know that all living things need food, water and air to survive. In English, we made predictions on Little Red's personality based on what we know so far- we can't wait to find out what happens when she goes into the forest!

‘I liked using shading techniques in art using charcoal. My favourite technique was ‘back and forth’ to shade my tree.’ - Zac

‘The times tables were awesome! I described Little Red in English, my favourite expanded noun phrase I created was curly, black hair.’- Hetty

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bennett