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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 17th September 2021

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Talk homework

Have a race in your house with your family/toy cars or marbles. Use your ordinal numbers to describe the position which each thing came in the race (First, Second, Third etc…).

Please can you start to save your cereal boxes over the next few weeks, so that we can use them for our DT project at the end of the half term, thank you.

From Monday, as the Reception children will be joining us full time from 8:45am, please could you line your children up in the mornings at the cone on the playground that says ‘Miss Freeman – Willow Class’ (the children know where this is as they line up here at break time). We will continue to send your children home from the picket fence at 3:15pm so please collect them from the same place as usual.

Abacus - The children can access this resource via the website and complete one game as their Mathematics homework. 

The children have their own log in details, these can be found in their reading diaries. The school code is kmm7 in the bottom box.

Please continue to read with your child three times a week. We will be collecting your child’s reading record in on a Monday and stamping it to check that the children have met the reading expectations outlined in the front of your child’s reading record.

What a busy week it has been! We have been working really hard to show that we have remembered how to show that we are listening and ready to learn. We have talked about the eight skills that we will be focusing on this year, including staying positive; aiming high in our learning; listening; speaking; problem solving; creativity; teamwork and leadership. We will be doing lots to develop our skills in these areas over the coming year!

We have been furthering our learning in Mathematics of writing numbers in words. We have been counting objects and writing them in numbers and words, counting backwards from 10 and completing number tracks to show our understanding. We have also been counting all the way up to 100 in our arithmetic sessions – the children are getting super confident!

In English we have started learning about the importance of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have also written a thought bubble about what we think the alien is thinking and how she is feeling now that she has crash landed on our planet!

During our Global Learning lesson, we talked about the past. We talked about how the past is something that has already happened. We looked at what school was like in the past, and how it is has changed over time. We sorted pictures of things to do with school into two groups: things that schools used in the past, and things that we use in school today. The children could compare the pictures and talk about what they knew.

 Within PSHE we explored different emotions and we showed what they might look like by pulling different faces in a mirror. The children could talk about being happy – we get smile lines, we show our teeth and our eyes are bright and glowy; when we’re sad we might frown and have frown lines on our face, and look down at the ground. We explored a range of different emotions and then decided how people were feeling in pictures based on how they looked.

Cohen has enjoyed his phonics learning this week, where he has revised lots of his phase 3 digraphs! Xyla has loved writing about Beegu and how she has been feeling this week, with a super thought bubble using the word ‘because’! Isla has enjoyed learning about being kind to her friends to make them smile and be happy. Hayden loved pulling lots of dunny faces in the mirror and could show lots of different facial expressions. Joseph has loved writing this week!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Willow Class and Miss Freeman.