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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 22nd March

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English: We drew some maps of the journey that Claude and Sir Bobblysock have made so far in the city. Then we cut out some pictures of Claude and Sir Bobblysock which helped us to retell their journey so far. After that we wrote some postcards pretending that we were Claude, explaining how much fun we have had in the city.

Maths: We have been measuring crazy this week! Our new words to use this week were longer, shorter and taller. It has been tricky as we were getting longer and taller muddled up. We created our own top tips for how to measure correctly which we used when we were measuring pieces of paper and objects from around the classroom. We are now using rulers to measure accurately in centimetres. 

Global Learning: Yesterday afternoon we used our old clothing from home and tried to make it into something new. There was lots of cutting, glueing and a little bit of sewing. We also added some patterns and designs using different things. It was lots of fun and mess.

RE: We did a big write trying to remember as much of the Easter Story.


Group 1 - rain, sheep, bright, all, you

Group 2 - swim, trick, train, there, were

Group 3 - horse, corn, fork, burst, church

Group 4 - time, mile, cube, rude, because

Group 5 - flute, slime, nineteen, computer, because