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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 13th January

Talk homework: Tell your adults all about The Great Stink and can you remember the disease that spread through the people of London?

Spellings: television, measure, treasure, usual

Archer has enjoyed science this week when we investigated the best way to remove germs from our hands. We tested to see if hands were cleaned better in cold water, warm water or warm water with soap. Most of us thought that the best conditions would be warm water with soap. Our prediction was correct but then we wondered why this was. So we then put some pepper on to a dish of water and added a drop of soap. We noticed that the pepper moved away from the soap. This is why soap is good for getting germs off of our hands. Following on from our science, in art we have designed a germ that we are going to make out of textiles. The children's designs were very good. Arthur's design is to use thick, green fabric and he will add green buttons to add detail. Harper is enjoying maths because she likes counting in 2s 5s 10s and 3s. This week we started to use repeated addition to understand multiplication. This week the children have completed some maths quizzes and their resilience and determination has been admirable Ava and Tilly enjoyed a big, long spelling test! Matilda M liked P.E. when we started to learn how to pass the ball in netball. In computing this week, we used Purple Mash to learn how to send an email! Xyla and Eden enjoyed writing a diary entry in role as The Lonely Beast and wrote about the big journey that the Beast went on. To help us we had drawn a story map which described the journey in order and George found that useful. 

Have a lovely weekend

Heron class.