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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 23rd September

Talk homework: Discuss the rules of rounding numbers.

We will be deepening our understanding of rounding to 100,000 and one million next week.

We have had a lovely week. Acorn class has been working really hard on their understanding of place value in Maths and inference skills in English. In Science, we had lots of fun recreating the equivalent distances of our solar system's planets in the playground. 

Ida and Betsy said: "We enjoyed PE learning football and tennis. We also enjoyed writing our 'I AM' poems about Bradley, our main character in our new English book. In Science, we discovered the secrets of space by going onto NASA space place. In Maths, we learnt rounding to a million."

An enormous amount to celebrate! 


1.) Please read for 20 minutes each day and record your reading on Boom Reader. Parents are asked to read with their child x3 a week to ensure their understanding of the text and vocabulary.

2.) There are 2 tasks set for you on SATs Companion - please complete these by Thursday next week. It’s important that pupils watch the accompanying videos with the tasks to help consolidate their learning please. I was thrilled to see nearly all of Acorn took responsibility for doing their homework last week! 

3) All pupils are still expected to continue with TTRockstars weekly to practise timetables please.

4) If you were doing Nessy last year, please continue to complete x2 20-minute sessions at home a week.

5.) Revise this week's spelling words ready for a quiz on Tuesday (please see attachment).

6.) Please begin to send in the items you may otherwise throw out for Year 5’s collage e.g. cereal boxes, bubble wrap, out-of-date spices, tissue paper, scrap pieces of fabric, sawdust/sand, card etc as we will be starting our collages next week. 

Have a lovely weekend and see you for European Languages Day on Monday,

Mrs Schmidt