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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Science Week Blog

Monday 27th - Biology 

We used the microscopes, and we looked 9 different samples. One of the samples looked like stones but when you looked at it through the microscope it looked like seeds. One of the samples was a dead bee, it had lots of different colours through the microscope (purple, turquoise and a bit of green). 

We made origami antibodies with Mrs Wall. 

We made an outdoor gym using what we could find outside, some of used skipping ropes, tiers, balance board. We did this because we were thinking about how to keep healthy and most living things need to stay fit.  


Tuesday 28th - Chemistry 

We had people come into our assembly, and we had to try and guess their career. We guessed 1 out of 7 correctly. 

In PE we did some cricket. Some of us did good hits and throws. Everyone got a turn. 

We were thinking about what if water didn't evaporate and what could happen. We were thinking about the consequences. There would not be any clouds, and it could lead to droughts in some parts of the world. With global warming happening, more sunlight (fewer clouds) would mean more sun shining on the ice caps, and they would melt meaning the polar bears would die as they would lose their habitat. Most flowers would die without rain. If there wasn't any rain, and there was a flood in some areas of the world, the flood wouldn't get better, it would just stay there. 

We made ice towers at the end of the day, it involved team work, problem-solving, and aiming high. Everyone struggled because we were in the classroom and people were trying to mould them with their hands. 


Wednesday - Physics 

Today we made a chain reaction out of junk modelling and everybody's ideas were very interesting to see. Mrs Farmer has put a video of it on here.

We went into a dome and when we went inside we to planets to see which planets had water on. We also went under the ocean to look at creature which live there. 

We made catapults out of lolly sticks, white tack, rubber bands and bottle lids. We were investigating if more sticks made our catapult launch higher.