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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

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  • Blog 24.6.22

    Published 24/06/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: Discuss what you know about the 3 sciences (biology, chemistry and physics). 

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  • Blog 17.6.22

    Published 17/06/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework - To explain to your adults about what's happened in our book so far (especially think feelings of the characters). 

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  • Blog 10.6.22

    Published 10/06/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework - do TTrockstars (the multiplication check is coming up!!!) 

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  • 20.05.2022

    Published 19/05/22, by Christina Farmer

    Spelling words for Monday’s test - Invention, injection, action, hesitation, completion, stagnation, nomination, migration, conservation, selection

    Talk homework – ask us the time throughout the day (12/24 hr).  We can also explain what am and pm means.

    We have had a fantastic week and been making the most of the weather.  In English, we planned our predicted ending for our Power of Reading book. 

    We have completed our learning on time this week and we can now tell the time in both 12 and 24 hours.

    We had new Science books this week and wrote out our first investigation on conductors and insulators.

    In DT, we planned the fruit kebabs we are going to make using local and seasonal fruits.

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  • Blog 29.4.22

    Published 29/04/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: To be mindful of what we do to help keep our mental health healthy. 

    Practice our times tables up to 12x12 


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  • Blog 22.4.22

    Published 22/04/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: Complete the Being Active sheet for discussions in PSHE next Friday. 

    Practice Times Tables, we were given a times table poster to help with this. 


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  • Blog 25.3.22

    Published 25/03/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: To practice your times table. Get prepared for Grafham Water. 

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  • Blog 18.3.22

    Published 18/03/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework: Practice your times tables. 

    Spellings; breath, business, caught, different, exercise, extreme, medicine, possession, although, thought 

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  • Blog 11.3.22

    Published 11/03/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: Practice your times tables (e.g. TTrockstars, hit the button) 

    Please see below for the power point for the Grafham Water trip. 

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  • Blog 04.03.22

    Published 04/03/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk Homework – Explain to someone what equal and unequal parts of a whole means - give examples.


    1. Spelling: merriment, happiness, plentiful, penniless, happily, prettiest, nastiness, beautiful, pitiful, silliness.
    2. Reading record

    ­­We have had an exciting week with World Book Day on Thursday. Throughout the day, we celebrated the joy of reading.

    We started the morning with awarding the winners of the school writing competition, Aiden in Year 4 won 3rd place.

    Then the whole Year 4 gathered into one classroom and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits whilst sharing our favourite books.  Afterwards, there was a book swap where the children were able to swap their book for another one that had been brought in by others.  The children liked the idea of reusing each other’s book and saving the environment.

    Finally, we watched a live event on the World Book Day website where author Nathan Byran and illustrator Dapple Adiola spoke about where they got their inspiration from for the stories and illustrations.

    Happy reading!

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  • Blog 25/2/22

    Published 25/02/22, by Christina Farmer

    Talk homework: Explain how sound is made. TTRockstars

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  • 04.02.22

    Published 04/02/22, by Christina Farmer

    Monday - Reading record + Spelling test.

    Spellings:  courageous, outrageous, nervous, famous, adventurous, disadvantageous, ridiculous, carnivorous, rapturous, torturous.

    Talk homework: explain to someone about Roman aqueducts.

    We had a fantastic week in Maths, learning about division using place value and part whole models.

    In English, we have recapped on inverted commas and wrote some persuasive pieces for our Power of Reading book.

    In our History topic day, we learnt about the importance of sewage and sanitation.  We explored how the Romans have influenced Great Britain through aqueducts and bath houses.

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