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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 8th July 2022

Talk Homework-spend time reflecting on your achievements this year with your family and friends.

Spellings- payment, enjoyment, achievement, darkness, kindness

This week has been so exciting and quite nerve-wrecking too... we met our new class and new teachers! We have all been up to great things so thought we should share our highlights!

Imogen, Noah- 'I enjoyed painting an adder!'

Natalie- 'I enjoyed when we did a class puzzle for a hundred square!'

Archer- 'I enjoyed using watercolour paint, it was very fun and calm'

Thomas- 'I enjoyed painting a newt!'

Myia- 'I enjoyed learning facts about newts and meeting my teacher'

Oisin- 'I enjoyed reading books today!'

Lola- 'I have really enjoyed going into our new classroom and seeing our new teachers because I didn't know what my teacher was going to be like'

Zac- 'I have enjoyed writing our adder acrostic poem'

Michael, Jonah, Ronnie- 'I enjoyed the whole week!'

Georgie- 'I liked when we met our new teachers!'

Harry- 'I enjoyed maths when we did the symbols on a hundred square'

Connie- 'I really like my new teacher because he was polite'

Freya- 'I really enjoyed transition week because I liked meeting Mr Lowin and knowing what it was going to be like in September'

Lily-Mae- 'I liked when Mrs Farmer let us read'

David- 'I liked seeing our new teachers'

Hetty- 'I really liked team building and also when we did acrostic poems which I love!'

Luke, Dexter-'I enjoyed everything!'

Bella- 'I really enjoyed transition because I'm in the new parliament!'

Happy Friday!

Miss Bennett