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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 21st Friday 2022

Talk homework: Discuss with your adults where our water comes from? Can you use the vocabulary you learnt on Wednesday in our geography day: rainfall, river, reservoir, local. 

Spellings: uncle, table, bottle, little, ankle, middle

This week we have been learning about Grafham Water. In 1950, there was a village and lots of fields which has now been dug up and filled to create our reservoir- it took over a year to fill up! We had fun locating Grafham on a map and comparing 1950 Grafham to now. On Thursday, we tracked our partners in PE as a defence skill that we could use in netball. In maths, we have been learning division- we have been sharing in equal groups and showing these calculations on a bar model. In English, we have been continuing our learning on The Lonely Beast, we hot-seated him and imagined who lived nearby, including asking questions and considering how people would feel having a beast in their local park. In reading, we have started our new class reader- Dave Pigeon! So far, we know that Dave and Skipper first met on a croissant heist! On their hundredth croissant heist they meet... Mean Cat...


Michael- 'My favourite fact was that Grafham water took a year to fill up and in 1950 it was a village and now it is full of water!'

Daisy- 'I have really enjoyed English this week'

Lily-Mae- 'I have enjoyed maths and PE because me and Leon had fun!'

Natalie- 'I really enjoyed English because I really enjoyed asking questions to the Beast- it was really fun'

Have a great weekend.

Miss Bennett