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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day


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  • Friday 22nd October 2021

    Published 22/10/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • Friday 15th October 2021

    Published 15/10/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework: Have a look around your house and see if you can spot any houseplants. Think carefully about what plants need to survive. Ask your family if they have a spare houseplant that you can bring in for your classroom.

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  • Friday 8th October 2021

    Published 08/10/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk homework: Please collect some suitable materials for the inside of a bug house and bring them into school with you on Monday. This could be for example: twigs, pine cones, acorns or cardboard.

    Maths homework : Abacus

    3 times 20min a week. Usernames and passwords are in each child's reading journal. 

    Reading homework: with an adult three times a week please.

    The documents attached at the end of this blog are for children that test Covid positive and have to remain at home. If they are well enough to work, the document will ensure they do not miss out on what we are learning at school. 

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  • Friday 1st October 2021

    Published 01/10/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework: Talk to your adults at home about David Attenborough.

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  • Friday 24th September 2021

    Published 24/09/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework: Can you retell the Creation Story to your adults?

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  • Friday 17th September 2021

    Published 17/09/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework: Talk with your adults about the traffic that passes through Buckden. How can traffic impact our environment and health?

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  • science in year 2

    Published 15/09/21, by Susan Tarpey

    In year 2 we have been thinking carefully about how we know if something is alive and the basic needs of an animal. We also considered if we know the difference between something that is dead and something that has never been alive. We went on a scavenger hunt to see if we could find items that were dead, alive or never alive. We sorted and grouped what we found into the three categories. To further our thinking and understanding we used the Explorify website and an odd one out activity (see picture below). The discussion that the children had was very impressive, suggestions included:

    • The tree is the odd one out because it can't fly
    • The fly is the odd one out because it has legs
    • It's the fly because it eats food 
    • No it's the plane because it's made of metal

    After our discussion we went to our outside area and drew a picture of what we could see. We then tried to identify something in our picture that is alive, is dead and has never been alive.

    We'll leave you with a question...Is a seed dead, alive or never alive?

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  • Friday 10th September 2021

    Published 10/09/21, by Joshua Palmer

    Talk Homework: Talk to your adults and discuss why trees are so important.

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