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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 12th October 2021

Your talk homework this week is to recall your number bonds to 10 to someone at home! There are lots of videos on youtube to support the teaching of number bonds to 10, the children are getting super speedy at giving me the alternative bond to 10 when I give them a number!

Abacus - The children can access this resource via the website and complete one game as their Mathematics homework. 

The children have their own login details, these can be found in their reading diaries. The school code is kmm7 in the bottom box.

Wow, another busy week has sped by in Willow Class!

It was really love to meet you all properly at parents evening this week and to see the faces behind the masks! I really enjoyed chatting with you about your children, how they’ve settled and to talk a bit more about what we do in the classroom.

As I explained to lots of you, we are putting a real focus on reading this year, and it would be fantastic for you to be reading with your children as much as you can - not just to sound and blend the phonemes in the words we are reading, but to re-read for fluency and to add expression to the stories and poems that we read aloud.

Within Mathematics, we have had an amazing time knocking down ten stacking cups and writing the addition calculations to reinforce our number bonds to 10. In Arithmetic we have been looking at the numbers hidden within numbers, numbers around other numbers, and odds and evens. We investigated odd and even numbers by sharing cubes between pairs to find out if they were odd or even. The children developed their teamwork skills by working positively with a new partner and showed us a super understanding of number.

In English, we explored sand, water and mud outside and used our speaking and listening skills, discussing our memories of times we have played with these malleable materials. This links to our poems ‘Mudlarks, Sand and Water’ in our poetry book. The children then came up with lots of words and phrases to describe their experiences and the properties of these materials.

During Global learning we have used our map work skills and identified all of the communal areas of Buckden, like the Village hall and the church. The children located some of the places and described their purpose, such as visiting the doctors when we are feeling poorly, and the pre-school as children to learn!

In Science, we have identified everyday objects and the materials they are made of. The children could sort the materials based on what they are made of, using words to describe some of their properties.

In French we have been learning phrases to say ‘hello’ and ‘my name is’. The children were brave enough to stand up and say their names in front of the class using the phrases ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Jemappelle’ which we were super proud of!

In PE we continued our dance topic by looking at our global learning goal of industry, innovation and infrastructure by thinking about the ways in which different modes of transport move and expressing this through dance movements. The children explored how cars, lorries, buses, helicopters and boats move and performed our ideas to the class!

We had a skills builder afternoon on Thursday where we talked about the eight essential skills that we are building on at school, including Teamwork, Leadership, Speaking, Listening, Creativity, Problem Solving, Aiming High and Staying Positive. We had a really good think about a skill that we think we are really good at, giving examples, and a skill that we need to try and improve at – the children gave some really thoughtful responses and we have decided to work on our listening skills as a class to make sure that we are looking, sitting nicely and showing that we are good listeners during carpet learning.

The Year 1 email address in a direct way of contacting us in Willow Class is

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe.

Miss Freeman and Willow Class.