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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

29th June 2022

Day 3 Science Week

"I liked the dinosaur surprise. I learned the dinosaur names and I liked the show." - Delilah

"I liked the dome because I like the dinosaurs."-Jack

"I learned that dinosaurs weren't alive when we were and I liked the bit when it went dark." - Millie

"I liked the dome and the dinosaurs." -- Billy

"I liked making the boats." -- Willow

"I liked the Jelly Baby experiment. My boat floated!" -- Emily H

Today we experimented with floating and sinking. We all found objects to experiment with to see what would happen when we put them in water. We learned to think about what materials the objects were made of and whether or not that affected whether they would sink or float. Then we received an urgent message from a Jelly Baby stuck on an island! We needed to design transport, using our junk modelling to get it off the island and to safety. We all made boats and we tested whether they would float or sink. Some of our Jelly Babies made it to safety, but some were not so lucky! We also visited the Dome -- a special structure in our hall -- where we were able to watch a movie about dinosaurs.. The special screen made it feel as if the dinosaurs were all around us! We felt like we were gliding with the pterosaurs and running from a T-Rex! As you can see, the children loved it!