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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

27th June 2022

Science Week Day 1

"I enjoyed making the flowers!" - Charlie

"I enjoyed the assembly when Mrs Tarpey had the fish fly over us." - Mia

"I enjoyed when they put the bag of water over Reception.  I  thought that it was going to tip out!" - Millie

"I liked when Mr Palmer popped the balloon in assembly." - Mason

"When they were getting the fish out, I knew how they moved it because the automatic electricity moved the fish and electricity in the controller made the fish do what they wanted it to do."-Jonathan

"I liked when Mrs Tarpey made the gloop." - Willow

"I liked  when they made the lava lamp!" - Rohan P.


We had a busy first day of science week. The morning started with an explosive, messy and gloopy assembly that the children really enjoyed (see their comments above). Then we went back to our classroom to find out what experiments our classroom scientists had done at home. Next we learned about STEM careers and all the amazing things scientists do and thought about if maybe some day we would want to do some of those things. Lastly, the day ended with a Create a Plant Challenge. All we could use was 4 pieces of A4 paper -- no scissors, no glue, no sticky tape -- to create a real or made-up plant. We used our Skills Builders skills of Creativity, Problem Solving and Staying Positive to help us with our creations. Fingers crossed -- maybe one of us will win the competition!