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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Usain Bolt

Easter activities 06.04.20 – 20.04.20

Happy Easter!! Here a few fun activities that you might like to do with your family. Please remember this is a school holiday and it is important to have time to rest.


Make a map of your house and write co-ordinates for someone to find your hidden eggs.


Make and decorate an Easter twig tree, you could make some salt dough decorations to decorate.


Have a look at how France celebrate Easter and challenge your family to learn some French Easter words.


Have an egg and spoon race.


Make the tallest egg stack using the plastic egg halves.


Design an Easter egg on the computer. 


Do some egg-periments;


Write and make Easter cards and poems and send them to your family.


Design and make an Easter board game.


Write some Easter jokes and stick them around your house to entertain your family.


Have a bunny hop sack race (reuse a bag for life).


Use an egg box to create your own marble maze.


Make a bowling alley using bottles from around you house (you could decorate them as rabbits or chicks).


Make your own Easter word search.


Make an Easter table centre piece. 



I hope you have had a happy and enjoyable time at home so far, well done in having a go at the activities that were set. I can see your progress on Rodocodo, Nessy and Times Table Rock Star, keep it up and well done!


Make an obstacle course indoors or outdoors and write some Mathematics problems (multiplication and division). At each obstacle solve the Mathematical problem.

Times Table Rock Star

Mind Up 


Stay in touch with other family members and friends through email or via letter.

Have fun with riddles – make them up and enjoy discovering different meanings for the same word.

Play the ‘Headline Game’ – use stories to make up headlines and then vote for the best. For example, ‘Girl dressed in Red stalked by Wolf’.


Keep reading!

Read a magazine/newspaper article and discuss if it is fact or opinion, is it biased?


Global learning

Research and write a fact file on one of the suffragettes.

Make something for the wildlife; bird feeder, butterfly house or a bug hotel.

Do some gardening/make a window box and plant some flowers for the bees to enjoy. 

Science experiment website


Become and engineer and construct bridges out of cups and lollypop sticks or items from around the house. You can then test them to see if they are weight bearing.


Do a still life drawing of a flower or someone in your home.

Spread some kindness, make a rainbow with a range of mediums. Then, display it in your window. Don’t forget to see if you can spy any rainbows on your daily walk about. Remember to keep a safe distance away from others however, you can definitely wave and say hello, passing a smile. 


Mrs Bliss has also set you an additional Buckden Bingo Challenge which is attached below.

If you are worried about why we are all having to stay at home at the moment, Mrs Bliss has also attached a story that you could read with your parents or carers.

Stay safe,

Mrs Romaine

Buckden Bingo!


Good morning everyone,

I am missing you all during this time at home for everyone. I know it might be hard sometimes but we are all doing a very important job in keeping everybody safe. So, well done! Here is something I thought you might enjoy to keep you active this weekend.

Stay safe,

Mrs Romaine : )


This is a brilliant and active way to start your morning.


As you are aware the school is closed from today so I have complied a list of activities that can be completed at home.

Year 4 home activities


Practise telling the time and converting time between analogue and digital 12- and 24- hour clocks.

Money – any practise with money using pounds and pence, talk about giving change.

Daily reading 


Write a book review for a friend about your reading book. Include; the name of the illustrator and author, explain the plot and the setting, would you recommend it? Who’s your favourite character?

Write a story about you/favourite characters/animals.

Write a letter and draw a picture for someone in a care home.


Any spellings using the prefixes; in-, im-, il-, i-r-, sub-, inter-, super-, anti-, auto-.

Any spellings using the suffixes; –ation and -ous



Rodocodo -

Touchtyping -

Coding -

Skills builder

Design a new book corner to encourage everyone to become a confident reader.

French (Log in – Username - Buckden Password – Starfish)

Pied Piper Play

Learn your lines and the songs.

Global learning

Research migration, British migration, Aboriginal artists.


Recap what you know about sound and vibrations. Plan a soundproof room, think about the materials you would use to absorb the sound.


Mind UP!

Stay safe everyone and I will see you all soon.

Best wishes Mrs Romaine : )


We have had great fun becoming Rock Stars using the Times Table Rock Stars site. Please ensure you all log on as much as possible to become times table experts.

The link to all of our play songs to practice can be found on the other year 4 blog (Muhammed Ali).

Stay safe : )


Abacus. The children can access this resource via the website 

The password is year 4 and the school code kmm7 in the bottom box.

Talk Homework: To practise your timetables in a muddled order and with the whole calculation.

Daily reading and Nessy.

This week we have started learning the song words for the year 3 and 4 play. I have enjoyed it lots (Leyla).

On Tuesday we had a trip to the library, I enjoyed reading the books that were there (Jessie).

In PE we played netball (Charlie. B).

We have started reading a new 'Power of reading book' I have enjoyed the suspense (Georgia).

Have a good weekend,

Usain Bolt and Mrs Romaine : )


Abacus. The children can access this resource via the website 

The password is year 4 and the school code kmm7 in the bottom box.

Talk Homework: Please bring your 2 litre plastic bottle. Talk about how you work out the perimeter of a rectangle and a square.

Within in PE we have played a football match, I really enjoyed it (Annabell).

I enjoyed going outside to create a piece of music for a poem (Maisie).

This week I am very proud of myself for getting full marks in my spelling test (Charlie. R).

In English we create an illustration from our minds eye. I enjoyed creating a list poem about my drawing (Ethan).

Usain Bolt and Mrs Romaine : )

Daily reading



Homework -

Talk homework - Please bring your 2 litre plastic bottle. Talk about what you have learnt about Pilgrimages so far.

Reading and Nessy.

Mathematics - Abacus

We are very lucky to have had Rachel from Anglian water come and spend the day with us. I enjoyed learning how they clean our water (Maya).

This week we have 'wowed' Mrs Romaine with changing a part of our text into a play script. I like the sarcastic seaweed characters (Molly).

I enjoyed doing DIALLS this week, I enjoyed writing about and drawing what we thought our home was (Charlie. E).

This week in outdoor PE I enjoyed playing our football matches (James).

Have a good weekend

Usain Bolt and Mrs Romaine



Homework -

Talk homework - Please bring your 2 litre plastic bottle. Talk about what you know about Anglian water.

Reading and Nessy.

Mathematics - Abacus

Within in English we have met a new character called Iris, she is a mermaid. I enjoyed writing a diary entry as Iris about the time she met Oliver (Georgia).

Within Global Learning we will be linking our music with clean water and sanitation.

We have worked super hard in Mathematics this week using our problem solving skills with addition and subtraction. I liked writing my own story problem (Elizabeth).

As the weather wasn't on our side this week, during PE we had a indoor session. I enjoyed doing speed stacking cups with Miss Lizell (Leyla).

This week we have been super stars on the walk and have won the trophy!!! Well done! I enjoyed running around the track on Wednesday (Charlie. B).

Bon weekend!

Usian Bolt and Mrs Romaine : )


Homework -

Talk homework - Please bring your 2 litre plastic bottle. Discuss what happens to animals that live in cold climates, if climate change continues at the current rate.

Reading and Nessy.

Mathematics - Abacus

I have enjoyed doing a water safety poster in PSHE and I know how to keep safe in open water (Jessie).

In PE we have had fun playing football this week (Jonathan).

We completed some great cross curricular learning this week with our English, we draw Deepwater Bay from Oliver and the Seawigs text (Oliwia).

Happy, safe weekend.

Usain Bolt and Mrs Romaine : )


Homework -

Talk homework - Please bring your 2 litre plastic bottle and research about famous explorers, past and present. People that have explored places like Mount Everest, the Lost Temple of Amon Hotep and the elephants Graveyard. 

Reading and Nessy.

Mathematics - Abacus

Happy New Year and welcome back.

We have been using our estimation skills in Mathematics this week and our addition and subtraction methods. I have enjoyed estimating (Darci).

On Tuesday I enjoyed doing football in PE (Oliver).

We are extremley excited as we are connected to another school in Peterbourgh and we both were exploring a text together on a vertial platform during our DIALLS lessons. I enjoyed doing the elephant and the bicycle from France (Maya).

In English we have a new text and we have not yet found out the title. It is all about a family of explorers and lots of memories of passed adventures. I enjoyed planning our independent write about one of our own memories (Molly).

Happy weekend! Usain Bolt class and Mrs Romaine : )


Homework - Keep practising your handwriting and reading. Enjoy playing and having fun wih your families and friends.

We had a great time in French making a French Christmas card, together as a whole year group (Georgia).

We are really looking forward to seeing the grown ups for our open afternoon and we have some fun things to show you.

I enjoyed doing our printing to complete our skill builders project (Leyla).

This week I enjoyed taking part in our interhouse hockey tournament (Adam). Well done to Hardwick!

We have complete some fun Christmas Mathematics this week (Mickey).

A HUGE thank you for all your contributions to the Hardwick Dene Christmas hampers, they were very gratefully received by the residents.

Have a happy and safe Christmas.

Usain Bolt Class and Mrs Romaine : )



Homework - Please bring your Christmas hat recycling materials, any more Hardwick Dene hamper contributions, retell the Nativity Story.

Reading, Abacus and Nessy.

 This week we have done lots of singing! I enjoyed Singing assembly, learning all of the Carols (Charlie. R).

In PE this week I enjoyed playing Endball (Jessie).

We have excelled our self in our art skills this week and enjoyed creating something special for someone at home (Annabell).

Have a good weekend,

Usain Bolt : )



Mathematics: Abacus - The children can access this resource via the website 

Talk Homework: Design a Christmas hat out of items you can repurpose from home. We will be make these in school on Tuesday 17th December, so please ensure everything you need is in by then.

Daily reading


We have started our Skills Builder project (Design Company), this helps us to develop our key skills. We have each taken on a role of the design concepts within a graphic design job. I enjoyed taking a virtual tour of a graphic design studio (Oliwia).

This week we meet with our buddies groups again and created a team name (Charlie. E).

Well done to our Year 4/5 team who won the Christmas quiz. I enjoyed taking part (Liliana).

In RE we have designed a poster for a new Reverend, it was fun! (Maya).

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Usain Bolt : ) 



Mathematics: Abacus - The children can access this resource via the website 

Talk Homework: Retell the story of The Firebird to somebody at home.

Daily reading



Today we had GenR8 in school, I enjoyed them telling a story through mime (Ruby).

In English we have retold the story of the 'Firebird', we have all produced some amazing pieces of writing. I liked creating a map of Prince Ivan's journey to help us retell the story (Ethan).

Charlie. R has enjoyed playing a game of hockey in PE this week.

Happy weekend,

Usain Bolt : )


Mathematics - Abacus. The children can access this resource via the website 

Talk Homework: Tell an adult about the parts of The Digestive System.

Daily reading


Firstly, we really enjoyed singing our Christmas song yesterday in preparation for the carol concert.  Christmas has come early in Year 4!

Yesterday, I enjoyed writing a statement about my characters point of view in Prince Ivan's trail (Maisie).

This week, we have learnt about the digestive system and its function. I am looking forward to building our teams digestive system using recycled materials (Finley).

In PE, we have learnt 'push passing' and attacking. It was fun! (Charlie. B).

Tomorrow is non- uniform day, don’t forget to bring in a PTA Hamper contribution.

Happy weekend.

Usain Bolt : )


Homework -

Talk homework - To talk about the different types of teeth you have and compare those with animals.

Mathematics - Abacus

Daily reading


During our Global learning lesson this week we have taken inspiration from the 'Freedom' songs and written our own songs. I enjoyed writing mine about people being free (Annabell).

In PE with Miss Lizell we developed our dribbling skills in hockey and I really enjoyed playing 'Champion in the circle' (Jonathan).

I enjoyed practising our 'jumps and leaps' in gymnastics this week (Leyla). We were all able to work in groups and create a sequence of movements.

At Hardwick Dean this week I enjoyed using our sketching and colouring skills in drawing flowers with the residents (Isabella).

Happy weekend.

Usain Bolt Class : )


Homework -

Talk homework - To talk about what you know about Nelson Mandela

Mathematics - Abacus

Daily reading


During our guided reading sessions this week we have been learning about another influential person within our global learning topic of 'Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions'. I have enjoyed learning about Martin Luther King and how he helped the African-American people (Jessie).

Within DIALLS this week we will be looking at a text from the United Kingdom today, I am looking forward to our DIALLS lesson (Charlie. E).

During PE we have completed some cross-curricular learning with English. We used movement and music to recreate the scene from our 'Firebird story'. In pairs we took turns in being the Firebird and Prince Ivan (Georgia). 

We would like to wish Miss Lizell all the best on her walk today. Thank you to everyone for your sponsorship and support. A HUGE thank to Miss Lizell.

Happy weekend!

Usain Bolt : )



Talk homework - To talk about what you know about Nelson Mandela.

Mathematics - Timetable practise and to continue to explore Abacus (Place Value games).

Daily reading

We have had a very busy first week back.

I enjoyed finding out what our new text is in English (Darci). We are exploring 'Firebird' by Saviour Pirotta this half term and we are looking forward to what happens to Prince Ivan. We created a drawing of the 'firebird' just from the author description and then compared this to the illustrators (Liliana).

In Science this half term our new topic is 'Animals including humans' and we have learnt some key information about how to brush our teeth. I enjoyed creating a poster about this (Oliwia).

In Mathematics we have moved our learning onto counting in 25's. Next week we will be exploring negative numbers. I have enjoyed practising our timetables ready for our challenge (Charlie. B). Do not forget to practise your tables at home as you need to know all of your tables confidently by the end of year 4.

In Global Learning our new topic is Peace, Justice and strong institutions we will be looking at influential people within these areas.

In French we have continued learning about animal names and we wrote some amazing paragraphs about our opinions. We will be moving on to family members next week.

DIALLS - We are very lucky to be apart of the DIALLS programme and some people came to visit us this week to enjoy our talk about our text 'Papa's boy' from Finland.

Have a happy and safe weekend.

Usain Bolt : )




Mathematics - continue to explore Abacus (Place Value games).

Daily reading


This week I have enjoyed PE because hockey was really fun, we were practising our passing skills (Isabella).

In Mathematics we have been rounding to the nearest 1000, I really enjoyed the activities (Annabell).

We have read 'The Animals of Farthing Woods' during our guided reading this half term. I enjoyed finishing the book this week (Molly).

We have been able to incorporate lots of Art into our 'Global Learning' this half term. I enjoyed creating a collage rainforest scene (Maya). I enjoyed using a range of materials to create different textures (Leyla).

Did you know that Wangari Maathai (Mama Miti) is a real person and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. We were able to finish our text to complete our English learning for this half term.

Have a happy and safe half term.

: )



Talk homework - We have enjoyed researching Kenyan fabric patterns, tell someone at home what you found out.

Mathematics - continue to explore Abacus (Place Value games).

Daily reading


Welcome to our new member Finley.

In Gymnastic we have been learning lots of movements, I like the arch position (Jonathan).

In French we were joined by some members of Hardwick Deans and it was great fun. We have been learning parts of the body. I enjoyed doing a body parts wordsearch (Mickey).

This week some of us have shared our favourite books at Hardwick Deans, it was very enjoyable (Ruby).

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Romaine and Usain Bolt : )



Talk homework - Using Linguascope, go through parts of the body. U/N : Buckden.   P/W : starfish

Mathematics - continue to explore Abacus (Place Value games).

Daily reading


In computing I have enjoyed making my own profile (Nathaniel).

We are very excited to see you next Friday to share our work in Global learning, I liked making the invitations (Georgia).

Usain Bolt Class : )



Talk homework - Teach someone at home some Roman numerals.

Mathematics - Abacus. The children can access this resource via the website 

Your child’s username is on the slip of paper in their bags. The password is year 4 and the school code kmm7 in the bottom box.

This week the children could explore Place Value (4 digits) and Roman numerals.

Daily reading


During our Global learning of 'Life on land' we have improved our drawing and sketching skills. I really enjoyed drawing a tractor scene for our harvest festival celebrations (Leyla), we will be showing these in church on Monday.

In PE this half term we are doing tag rugby, I enjoyed practising my tagging skills (Molly).

In English we have a texted that links to our Global learning 'Mama Miti' and we have written a letter to a lady in need to tell her all the things we can do for her, to help (Charlie. B).

Have a happy, safe weekend.

Usain Bolt and Mrs Romaine : )

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