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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday, 21st June


TTrockstars 3x 15 minutes.

Reading daily

Spellings: guard, quarter, peculiar, century, breathe, accidentally, possible

This week has been science week at Buckden and the children have had lots of fun exploring lots of different scientific topics. 

Thea- 'In PE this week we learnt how to play a small game of cricket in groups of five'. 

Ava P- 'On Thursday we dressed up as different scientists and brought in things to do with what scientists do. We talked about what their jobs were. We then made postcards where we drew ourselves as the career we chose and said what job we had done.'

Jacob- 'In assembly, we had to guess the careers of guests who came in. One was a biologist and the other was a computer engineer'

Olivia E- 'I enjoyed making the posters this week. We drew the outline of an endangered flower and coloured it in with Islamic patterns.'

Seb- 'We did this to show the connection between Islam and science.'

Joseph- 'I enjoyed making a script for bees and acting it out for everyone. We linked it to pollination and used scientific language.'

Jimmy- 'On Monday we had a big fish balloon filled with helium, and he was floating in the air controlled by a remote. He was a clown fish.'

Olivia HH- 'I enjoyed when we were doing maths and we were learning about the time.'