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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 11th February 2022

Talk Homework: This week is Children's Mental Health Week- talk to your family friends about what mental health means. Choose some activities to complete over the holidays to make a positive impact on your mental health. This could be doing an activity that you really enjoy, reading a book or even just enjoying as much time as you can outdoors in the fresh air!

Spellings: April, pencil, nostril, pupil, evil

We have had a really fantastic week in Maple class. On Tuesday we performed our final dance routines to the class. The children did a really great job and included turns, jumps and kicks as they travelled in synch with their partners to the tempo of the msuic. All the adults were really impressed with how the children performed to their audience but especially at how the children worked together to show strong teamwork skills and in some cases showed excellent leadership skills too. In English the children wrote a narrative about our video called Something Fishy. Their writing is progressing so well. In maths, we have moved on to data handling and have made and interpreted Tally charts this week. We now need to really extend our understanding of word problems and the vocabulary that we encounter. In science, we considered questions such as: Does a food chain always end with a carnivore?  What is the difference between a herbivore food chain and a carnivore's food chain? This promoted a great discussion. This week in history, we made a fact file about Joseph Bazalgette who was born in 1819 and developed a sewer system in London. This afternoon, we made models of Joseph out of milk cartons, and they looked great! In Design and Technology we learnt that a lever mechanism has a pivot point and can be moved to make something move in many day to day situations e.g. a see-saw. We also made a sliding mechanism too. 

Have a really fantastic half-term break.

Maple Class