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In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

In the eyes of God, every child matters, every moment of every day

Friday 13th December

Talk Homework: Retell the Nativity Story

This week has been all about, the Key stage 1 production. The children were fantastic and looked absolutely brilliant in their costumes. Thank you so much for preparing the children so well for their performance. Some children had a huge amount of words to learn and some children told me that they were relieved that they didn't have so many to learn. As part of our New Curriculum the children have learned all about the importance of rules and following rules. Our Global Goal this term has been Peace and Justice. We now understand why we need rules and why they need to be enforced. Jack B enjoyed learning about The Bow Street Runners who were the very first policemen in our country.  Ellie has enjoyed maths because she learnt that she can use lots of different methods to add and subtract. Tom enjoyed English because this week we tried a reading paper quiz. He was good at finding the answers in the text. Matilda liked using Skill Builder today to practise her problem solving, listening and presenting skills. She especially liked pretending to be an ant  and teaching a grasshopper to make a sandwich! We had carefully listened to a story and found out the grasshopper forgot to store some food and so he was hungry. We used our presentation skills to help to solve his problem!  We are getting excited because hopefully we are having a visit from a policeman to find out what a day in his life is like. We have some really good questions ready to ask him!

Have a good weekend

Whitlock class